February 15, 2011

Lincoln Centre

My Valentines has been magical but this NY adventure has come to it’s end and I’m heading back to London early Tuesday morning, that means if my calculation is correct I’m missing out the whole Tuesday. Anyway I’ve got so many images to edit so I don’t even know where to start but as long as my laptop have battery I will keep myself busy on the flight.

I missed out on a great show today, got there 10 minutes to late and couldn’t get in, very annoying but I’ve got plenty of other material in hand and London Fashion Week kicks off later in the week, stay tuned…

PS: You can see some fashionistas I’ve posted already from NY on Flingly

February 14, 2011

green & yellow & choral blue

Here’s some of the images I snapped yesterday. I’ve craved for something green for a long time, the beautiful green coat from Jil Sander is not yet it store and I’ve only found green’s in form of handbags so far until I spotted Hanneli‘s green skirt.