May 11, 2011

Catching up

After being away for a couple of weeks it’s lovely to catch up with your friends and that’s exactly what I did yesterday late noon, met up with my friend Maggie for a glass of wine and snacks at Tom’s Kitchen outdoor tent at Somerset House.
Now, some work and then a brunch with another fab girl, have a lovely noon you too!

Paisley shorts Isabel Marant, boyfriend’s jumper, boots Mango, bag Phillip Lim, sunnies Ralph Lauren Collection

January 9, 2011

A Touch of Spring

Today I headed over to one of my favorite places to hang out in London, the Somerset House. Last time I was here was last month ice-skating and if you fancy too the Tiffany & Co ice rank is still up and will be open until 23rd of January.

Well, no skating for me today, just hanging out in the sunshine on the terrace with the view of the Thames and enjoying a burger plate at Tom’s Kitchen. It looked like as if I wasn’t the only one with spring fever but I know very well there’s a long time to go yet and many things to look forward to, one of them London Fashion Week kicks off in one month at the Somerset House.

I’ll post some more images later, now, more work, ciao!