November 19, 2011


Once again there is this item I cannot let go of, the most perfect black boots by Thakoon, I’ve been waiting patiently to come across them in Europe but sadly it seems like no European buyer bought them in black leather, how can that be? Though they are selling like hot bread in the US, sizes are still available, but I’ve got no clue how they size, anyone who knows?

October 31, 2011

Taylor Tomasi Hill

If there’s anyone’s wardrobe I’d love to raid it must be Taylor Tomasi Hill‘s, she cant put a foot wrong in my eyes and I love how she combines strong eye catching pieces with more basic ones. How she paired this gorgeous batik printed skirt with a trail by Thakoon with a basic top and booties is to me utterly perfection. If you fancy the same heavenly skirt here’s a cropped version and one similar with different print and a trail.