December 29, 2010


Having a great time in Oslo but oh so cold, in fact today I thought I was going to freeze to death at Aker Brygge, a hostile place on a cold day like this but the rest of the city felt much”warmer”. After stopping by the castle around tea time we warmed up over a soup at Lorry. Tonight, dinner made by my mum and then a trip out on the town.

I found this coat in my mother’s closet today and I love it, a shearling fur from Sylvie Schimmel, I want to pack it with me in my luggage for London but I would need to work harder on that one.

Fur Sylvie Schimmel, wool skirt Ann-Sofie Back, leggings Zara, knit cardigan Månestråle, boots Acne and bag Mulberry