October 7, 2011

Last day of summer

Monday, day 7 of PFW, apparently was the last hot day this year before it cooled down, but a beautiful day it was indeed. Though I was struggling with my swallowing foot I just wanted to soak it all up while it still lasted. The day after we woke up to a wet ground, a cooler air and orange leaves flying around.

I wore a silk wrap skirt and top by Isabel Marant, sandals Celine, bag and bracelet Acne, watch Tagheuer, bracelet Burma and sunnies Ralph Lauren.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

October 3, 2011


Who could imagine high summer at this time of year, I’m pretty sure we never really had these high temperatures and burning sun any time this summer and I don’t mind at all being in Paris enjoying it. It has been a challenge though to get dress and after only a few days I had already used the summery fabrics I brought along. I could safely have left trousers and jumpers back home and only packed floating summery dresses. Obviously I haven’t been the only one with this “problem” and I guess many have had to improvise, or hit the stores for summery stuff in October, or those brave ones who decided to simply stay up against the heat.

I wore this outfit a few days ago and was completely melting away, I wore leather skirt, sandals and bag by Acne, top Zara, watch Tagheuer, bracelet J Dauphin, sunnies Ralph Lauren and the sand on my shoes are from Tuileries!

September 27, 2011

Indian summer

The indian summer has hit London, I guess better late than never, did someone mention global warming?

On Sunday I had a relaxing stroll around in South Kensington and slipped into a more summery outfit than usual in late September, I found this old tunic dress with fringes, still with the price tag on in my wardrobe, felt like brand new!
I wore angora coat and bracelet by Acne, tunic dress Topshop, sandals Kurt Geiger, bag Phillip Lim, watch Michael Kors and sunnies Ralph Lauren.

September 22, 2011


It’s been almost a week since I got back from NY and my 2 luggages are still well planted on my living room floor, still unpacked. So these last couple of days I’ve had to wear stuff that was hiding inside my closet, just to avoid ironing, not my favorite thing and I’m totally useless at it. Still my stuff needed to be steamed, and my trick so far in life (a tip from my mum) is the typical bathroom steaming, well, my flat looks like a sauna a little to often now so my next buy is definitely gonna be a steamer.

Anyway, yesterday was the last day of fashion week in London and I wore a skirt and sandals by Balenciaga, jumper, bag and bracelet by Acne, sunnies Ralph Lauren and ring YSL.

September 7, 2011

In black

Sorry guys, today has been crazy busy for me as I’m leaving for NY tomorrow, that’s also the reason why I’m still awake at this hour, my foolish attempt to avoid jet lag. On top of ticking boxes on my list today I even managed to squeeze in a hair appointment with my favorite hair stylist in town, Sergio, I felt it was time to go slightly darker again, like every fall.

The last few days have been pretty chilly in London so today I just couldn’t leave the jacket behind at home, I wore skirt by Whyred, knit Zara, leather jacket and old booties Topshop, watch Michael Kors, bracelet Margiela, sunnies Ralph Lauren and bag Celine.

August 28, 2011


Bonjour! Paris has been wonderful so far and yesterday was a non-stop day with shopping eating and randomly we bumped into 2 groups of friends in 2 different areas of Paris. In fact I was led to one of the areas, Marais, tracking a pair of gorgeous shoes, serendipity I guess.

Now, gotta get ready to a massive birthday party, wishing you a happy Sunday too!

I wore skirt Acne, jumper Margiela, gillet H&M, boots Topshop, bracelet Proenza Schouler, watch Michael Kors, ring YSL, bag Celine and sunnies Ralph Lauren.

August 14, 2011


Yesterday’s party was so much fun, the host had turned the fantastic flat in Notting Hill to a club with barbeque on the roof terrace, DJ’s and champagne on the stand. Thumbs up!

I didn’t manage to take one ok photo though but here’s images from yesterday noon, strolling in my hood. I wore blouse and bag Acne, old jeans Bik Bok, bracelets Intermix and Margiela, sandals Balenciaga and sunnies Ralph Lauren.

August 10, 2011

Still standing

A little off the topic, it’s Wednesday morning and it looks like the world outside my doorstep is still standing, at least to a certain degree and by that I’m referring to the devastating and destructive looting that has been ongoing in UK these last few days, actions I fully condemn!

Images taken on Sunday, a very lazy one, before the riots took over, I wore leather shorts Maje, jumper and jacket Acne, boots Topshop, bag Phillip Lim and sunnies Ralph Lauren.

August 6, 2011

Warwick Avenue

On Friday noon I met up with my dearest friend Johanna at Warwick Avenue and stopped by The Waterways for lunch in the sunshine. I wore a brand new leather gilet that I found on H&M mens department earlier this week for a bargain price, perfectly oversized with rusty details and not so different from the colored gilets in Acne’s fall collection, they come with a 4 digit prize tag though.

Dress Asos, leather gilet H&M, sandals and Bag Acne, sunnies Ralph Lauren and watch Tagheuer.

July 22, 2011


Good Friday noon to you all!
When I woke up yesterday it didn’t feel very tempting to jump into a summery dress or anything like it, seing the big black cloud above my roof top I felt inspired to go dress more like fall, mustard and brown, how could anyone blame me?
Today however is a different story,  the sun is out, no clouds in sight and I wish the same for you wherever you are.

I wore pants Diane von Furstenberg, t-shirt Jil Sander, jacket Acne, shoes Cos, watch Michael Kors, bag Celine and sunnies Ralph Lauren.

June 29, 2011


Today I stopped by the Acne store at Dover Street, pre-fall collection finally start to roll in but I’m mostly looking forward to the main collection to hit the stores, unfortunately it won’t be for a while.

The sun is shining between clouds in London but keeping last month heavy and sudden rain freshly in mind I’m scared of leaving the house without being fully armed. Anyway, this is what I wore today, dress and bracelet Isabel Marant, old denim waistcoat Bik Bok, sandals Topshop, watch Michael Kors, sunnies Ralph Lauren and bag Celine.

June 28, 2011


On Sunday I strolled around in beautiful Paris the whole day, stopped by charming bistro’s and enjoyed the sun, it was incredible hot and felt like desert, I’d forgotten to bring along sandals and lets just say I won’t forget that ever again, my boots absolutely killed me in the heat.

I wore a dress from Cos, shoes Margiela, bracelets Proenza Schouler, bag phillip Lim, sunnies Ralph Lauren.

June 21, 2011


Today was the first dry day in London for ages and I headed over to Knightsbridge for a stroll and “fika” with my friend Sarah. Found this waistcoat in my wardrobe, bought it a couple of years ago and had totally forgotten about it, gosh I’m dreaming of a an organized wardrobe….

I wore shorts and sandals Acne, t-shirt Helmut Lang, bag Celine, sunnies Ralph Lauren, watch Tagheuer, bracelets Burma and Kenneth Jay Lane.

June 8, 2011


Back in London after a speed trip to Paris, gosh, there are so many things I love with that city and by that I mean beyond the great shopping and wonderful food. The space and dimension is what always strike me, the width of the streets, monumental buildings and beauty. I’ll be back soon for sure!

Images taken on Monday, I wore a brand new linen jacket Zara, love it! Dress and scarf Isabel Marant, shoes Margiela, bag Celine, sunnies Ralph Lauren, watch Michael Kors and various gold bracelets.

June 4, 2011


The Somerset House is as I’ve mentioned before one of my favorite spots to hangout on beautiful summer days in London and that’s where I enjoyed Friday after work drinks in the sunshine with my friend Johanna, lovely, though the service wasn’t impressive at Tom’s Kitchen, perhaps the staff was overheated?

I wore a blouse that has been hanging in my wardrobe for months from Acne, time to bring it out into the sun for sure, skirt Whyred, shoes Margiela, sunnies Ralph Lauren, bag Phillip Lim and various old bracelets.