July 5, 2011

The lost shoe

I usually never give up hunting for that specific item I’ve got a totally crush on but sometimes you’ve got to surrender, like these sandals from Celine’s SS11, looked for them everywhere and impossible to find, perhaps they are the perfect sandal, but I┬átell myself they are, eeehh, just another pair of shoes…..

April 20, 2011

Michael Kors SS11

A collection I’ve looked back on lately is Michael Kors spring collection with many fresh looks that I feel like wearing right now, that green dress, crispy blue shirt, loose pants, yes everything, with a touch of tan colored leather.
I know it’s been a lot about shoes here lately and I promise I won’t turn this totally into a shoe blog but notice the sandals, they are all great but these below are exactly what I’ve been looking for, anyone who knows where I can find something similar?

Images style.com

January 21, 2011


Cool looks from Cheap Monday‘s SS11 Collection, not to mention those plastic shoes.