February 6, 2011


Yesterday eve was a blast and I danced in a leather dress from Zara, one ear ring Snö of Sweden, bracelet J Dauphin, Louboutins and bag Chanel.

The reason why I don’t show full length images taken at home is simply due to the fact that I live in a typical tiny London flat where the room with a wall proper to shoot has a width of 1.5m. Oh guys up in Scandinavia you have no idea how lucky you are in terms of space……

November 17, 2010

I refuse

As I’ve mentioned I had to “dress” up today, not for a party, fashion event or so, but for a very conservative company. Despite the seriousness of it all I still wanted to feel like me and ended up in my short velour dress after all. While I was staring at my wardrobe this morning I got flashback to my days in banking wearing suit and an inner voice saying no, no, no……

Dress Cos, coat H&M, shoes Acne, purse Benetton and one earring from SNÖ of Sweden, a dear present from my little sister, thanks søss!