November 8, 2011

On my mind….


White shearling and by that I mean completely white, and this teddy coat and gilet by Isabel Marant are probably the most perfect samples out there. Now when shearling has been “accepted” as a substitute to fur, and tick the boxes from a moral and ethical point of view, which is great, it comes with a price tag thereafter. I’ve seen many alternatives in the high street, like this one¬†from Topshop if you fancy going faux. I’ll still keep dreaming of these two above……

July 19, 2011

Le Aviator

High on my wishlist is this shearling aviator from Acne, shearling perfection I’d say, and after trying on them both a number of times I’ve fallen in love with both colors, dilemma…..

October 15, 2010

Vintage can be so much fun

For those of my readers who are sensitive to real fur please don’t read further!!!!

As I mentioned earlier I’ve been looking for a fur jacket with a couture feeling and today when I stepped into a vintage store it was hanging there, my shearling jacket and didn’t cost very much, it’s gonna stand out to all the black leather shearling jackets shearling everyone’s wearing. The shearling is uncut and I love the leather details and the big neck, it’s gonna keep me warm for sure and isn’t there a Burberry vibe over it even if this one’s from a time long ahead the Burberry Shearling?