October 13, 2011


I finally solved the mystery of how many women manage to make their hair look so healthy tousled and effortless chic without looking as if it’s been close to a brush or hairdryer, but most likely it has and probably there’s some work behind, I’m having women like Emmanuelle Alt in mind. Earlier this week my friend Sergio tested a new styling method on me and I loved it, it lasted for several days and I didn’t need to do anything more about it other than brush though in the morning. The trick was in hairdressers terms “to set the hair”, and it took a professional hand to manage but I’m gonna practise this technique whenever I’ve got time.

Sadly it doesn’t show much in these images as I was cought by the wind but I wore a dress by Whistles, vest H&M, shoes Zara, bag Celine, watch Michael Kors and Ray Ban’s.

June 21, 2011


Yesterday they played around with my hair at my hairdresser Sergio’s and I ended up with plaits, slightly inspired by what was seen on Erdem‘s spring show. I love this twist which is a perfect way to soften up a more androgyne outfit or to tone down a harder look. I’m leaving for a wedding in Paris this weekend and I might decide to go for something similar, without the bun in the neck but a plait all around, we’ll see…….

April 6, 2011

Keratin boost

Wow what happened, after a cooler day yesterday I didn’t expect to be met by summer when I stepped out today, if I had any idea I would have left my tights and coat at home, what a lovely surprise, bare legs much sooner than I thought.

My hair has felt dead lately and I seriously needed to fresh up my curls so instead of cutting it, which wasn’t needed, I tried a new fantastic rebuilding Keratin treatment at Sergio‘s and I love the result, just the boost I needed.

I wore a new cotton jumper from Isabel Marant, leather skirt H&M, shoes Topshop, bag and sunnies Celine.

March 23, 2011

Wedding mania

As you may know there is wedding mania going on in England, due to a certain princess and her prince. As I’ve said before I’m not a royalist and couldn’t really care less and I’ve made sure my vacation will overlap the wedding date.

Today however I was a princess bride for a few hours for my hairdresser Sergio for whom I’ve done a campaign for earlier and he did a beautiful job with the hair in only 10 min, magic I say though I’m not really into typical bridal looks.

The flowers are gone and my hair hanging loose as I like it, some work to get done and then a great dinner out at Goodman, have a lovely eve you too.

September 16, 2010

Chocolate spin

I went to my hair stylist yesterday and colored my hair back into my natural tone, chocolate, I’m happy with the result but just need some time to get used to it. I fully enjoyed my hours getting pampered with prosciutto and parma cheese on the side and lounge music in the background in Sergio’s saloon.┬áMet up with some of my girls Maggie and Kaz during the day and ended the evening with a late dinner at Chez Garard in Covent Garden.

I have plenty of things that needs to be done today cause tomorrow London Fashion Week┬ástarts, can’t wait!!!!

Wearing jeans Cheap Monday, jumper Topshop, bag Biasa, boots and blazer Acne

September 13, 2010


Enjoyed a walk in the sunshine yesterday and had an outdoor brunch in Covent Garden, lovely!

After seeing these images I realize it’s really time to meet up with my fantastic italian hairdresser and friend again, Sergio Giannasso across my street, he has worked miracles for me before. All the time under the sun lately has turned my color so light, time to go darker again, to my natural color, asap…..

Wool skirt Zara, top H&M, boots Acne, bag Alexander Wang