May 29, 2012


Isn’t funny how we often attach memories to clothes or vice verse? I got these tweed shorts in Paris in early March during fashion week, optimistically I wanted to wear them the following day with the matching tweed jacket. Instead I wore them with black tights, a thick knitted turtle neck, coat, boots and gloves, 2 handbags for umbrella and camera stuff, and I felt like a stuffed michelin man. Though it was a great day back then the memories that got stuck was the bitter icy cold wind and rain. Needless to say that when I jumped into them again the other day it was a totally different feeling, so much more enjoyable, feeling free in the summer heat, and now I’ve deleted my old memory and replaced with my new one!

I wore an old jumper from H&M, tweed shorts by Sandro, shoes by Alexander Wang, sunnies by Acne, plexi bracelets Cooee and bag Celine.

June 9, 2011


Today I met quickly up with my 2 year old favorite man and checked out dinosaurs at the NHM, he was as usual perfectly well dressed and with one of his many hats on his head, I’ll show you another time.
I wore knit Mango, pants Sandro, shoes Zara, watch Michael Kors and bag Celine.

Triple French

New in from Paris are these stripey pants from Sandro, belt Isabel Marant and this gorgeous neck collar from Celine, I was absolutely thrilled to come across it, last one in stock and it has been sold out everywhere for a while now in my size, but this one, perfect!

June 4, 2011

Sandro’s Possible

As my leather pants that I’ve had for 2 years from Topshop, which is actually not real leather, are almost falling apart after long and intense use I’m looking for a new pair, the real thing this time around. These above from called from Sandro called Possible look promising but this is definitely not an item I order online, need to be tried on.