October 1, 2010

Fashion goes Bananas

Photo: Monica Feudi / GoRunway.com

“To go Bananas” is a well known phrase and is usually linked to Rachel Zoe as it seems to be her number 2 phrase in her vocabulary a few inches behind “I die”,  but now it’s also an ingredient in spring/summer trends 2011.

Miuccia for Prada sent models down the runway in Milan last week in tropical bright colors and sombreros with clear South American influences and the more unexpected detail bananas. When she entered the stage herself in plastic banana earrings it was a clear statement and message taken. I assume it was a way to completely break with last seasons Mad Men 50’s inspired look which I’m pretty grateful for. A fresh new turn indeed even if I’ve got no intention to dress in banana patterns in the future to come.

A woman who also like bananas and ahead of her time below, Charlotte Dellal wearing a banana clutch  and heels snapped by The Sartorialist during London Fashion Week

Image by The Sartorialist