April 16, 2011

Mark who?

Yes, I ended up with the Phillip Lim bag over the Alexa in the end, as one of your readers pointed out, though the Alexa is a beautiful bag it’s already hanging on so many arms, so I decided to go for this one, which I still haven’t seen around and also more suitable for my needs.

Catsuit Acne, knit Topshop, sandals KG, bag Phillip Lim and Ray Ban’s

April 4, 2011


I’ve been thinking of a adding a tan or oak leather satchel to my wardrobe which is perfect during the summer months to wear with more summery outfits and easy when you’re on the go on travels. Yesterday I studied up close the new Mulberry Camera bag but I wasn’t totally convinced. I do have these two on my mind though, Phillip Lim’s Minnie and medium sized Alexa.