April 28, 2015


Hedvig Opshaug X Net-a-Porter - Photographed by Rune Dahl - 09.04.2015-1

Hedvig Opshaug X Net-a-Porter - Photographed by Rune Dahl - 09.04.2015-2

Hedvig Opshaug X Net-a-Porter - Photographed by Rune Dahl - 09.04.2015-3

Hedvig Opshaug X Net-a-Porter - Photographed by Rune Dahl - 09.04.2015-4Location Narvikfjellet, north of Norway, photographed by Rune Dahl (www.runedahl.no)

We all need it at some point, to take a few solid steps back, escape all usual surroundings, change of scenery and routines, take deep breaths and lower our shoulders. Speaking for myself, and presume for many others, the challenge is finding the time. For as much as we love glorious beach holidays with friends and exploring exciting cities over weekends, I wouldn’t necessarily call it charging batteries, unless it’s somewhere completely remote and silent that puts things in perspective, but by the time you return to high speed normal life hopefully you’re missing the buzz too.

For me that escape is heading back home to were I grew up in the North of Norway, and while spending my Easter there for all outdoor activities than can be offered, I again teamed up with Net-a-Porter’s lifestyle section , Net-a-Sporter, that offers the best selection of crossover lifestyle and sportswear there is. At higher altitudes than last summers beach run, my favourite local photographer Rune Dahl, captured a hiking trip in the mountain I grew up and basically skied before I could walk, Narvikfjellet.

Not wanting to splurge on whole new wintery gear so late in the season I put together a few allrounder pieces that I will be using for other than alpine surroundings as well. This rash guard for instance will be my faithful companion come water-sport season, and waterproof boots can walk me anywhere in British outdoor life. Anyway, we don’t always need to justify our sartorial choices right, even on a mountain (!), these sunnies speak for themselves…

Rash guard top by Orlebar Brown, cotton leggings by The Row, shell jacket by Mover, suede/leather boots by Sorel, sunglasses by Illesteva.
Hedvig Opshaug X Net-a-Porter - Sorel Tivoli - 09.04.2015
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December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Hedvig Opshaug 24.12.2014-1I’m wearing a knitted dress by Dagmar, Hedda head to toe Amaia Kids.

Right now I’m celebrating a magical Christmas with my 22 months old daughter and family in the North of Norway where I grew up, a tradition that love and hold dear in my heart. I wish you all the most wonderful Christmas too whether you celebrate it or not, wherever you are, and enjoy the company and warmness of those dearest to you.

With Love, Hedvig & Hedda


May 17, 2011

17th of May!!!!

Happy 17th of May everyone!!!!!

For those of you my dear readers who are not Norwegians, if you spot Norwegian flags waving in the air during the day, parades or hear people celebrate loudly, don’t panic, we’re not taking over and haven’t won anything recently, we’re simply celebrating our Constitution Day pretty much all over the globe!

Image Betsey Johnson S/S 2008 by style.com

February 9, 2011


Here are some images I took during the award tonight, I definitely need to get an external flash asap for the fashion weeks. The prize winners were the newbies Haaning and Htoon and one of my own favorite jewellery designers, Bjørg from north of Norway. I’ve been editing images for hours and posted a fuller article on Flingly if you’re interested. Now, it’s time to hit the bed, tomorrow’s gonna be a long great day, sweet dreams….

December 30, 2010


I got this beautiful silver bracelet this Christmas, from Bjørg, a designer from north of Norway, a present from my mum and I love it!

December 25, 2010


Oh what I love Christmas and hope you’re enjoying it yourself and having a lovely time wherever you are.

In a few days I will head down to Oslo but as for now I will soak up the silence and fresh air in the north, today we have  willow grouse on the menu, the best food in Norwegian cuisine.

Merry Christmas again!

Wide leg chiffon pants Topshop, silver top Whistles, heels Acne

December 21, 2010


Bad updates today, in fact I’ve been traveling since 6 this morning, was so lucky my flight took off and now I’ve finally reached my destination after a 4 hour bumpy journey in a car from Tromsø to Narvik. At the moment I’m wrapped up in a fur blanket and UGG’s trying to warm up while working, I’ll be back.

December 17, 2010

I’m Nominated

Image taken by my friend Lawrence Luke Stas

Omg, I’ve been nominated in Vixen Blog Awards in the category Fashion Blog Of The Year in Norway (in Norwegian: Årets Moteblogg). I’m totally taken by surprise and so happy as my blog haven’t been up for that long but this definitely made my day. Thank you so much for the nomination!

Most of you, my dear readers are not Norwegians but you can still support me if you want by klicking here and and tick the box at the butttom of the page next to the name of my blog.

Have a lovely Friday morning everyone!

November 28, 2010


Wow, it’s cold and these homemade knits made by my step mum or grandmother up in Norway is the only way to keep my feet warm in this freezing building.

Now, I’m heading off to see my first tennis game live so if the final between Federer and Nadal doesn’t turn me into a tennis fan I guess nothing ever will.