November 22, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday’s stroll around Covent Garden. I dared to wear a thin jacket which I can say I won’t do for a while now, I’m such a wimp in the cold. I’m already a bit tired of my winter coats and since I haven’t done any big investment in one this season maybe I can allow myself.

Army jacket vintage, knit Next, jeans Cheap Monday, shoes Zara, bag Alexander Wang

October 27, 2010


Wow, what happened, today has been such a warm day, I’m happy I left my fur waistcoat at home, I would have melted away, hope this lasts a loooong time!

The photographer tried to experiment here, a very strange angle, neither horizontal or vertical, for me who are addicted to straight lines, it’s quite disturbing.

Jeans Cheap Monday, knit Next, leather jacket Topshop, scarf Cos, boots Acne, bag Mulberry and Ray Ban’s

October 7, 2010


I decided to dig out my over knee boots from my wardrobe, I’ve given up on those python’s from Burberry, not that I ever considered getting them, prize tag out of this world. Yesterday I met up with my man and a friend and had a great dinner at The Enterprise in South Kensington, a new restaurant to me, very busy but that’s an indication of a good address. 

I wore, suede over knee’s from Topshop, dress Next, blazer Acne, bag Alexander Wang

August 27, 2010


I’m not very into long term flights or can I say flying at all and that’s not because it’s not comfortable, the reason? I’m actually a bit shaky and I’m terrified every time I step into a flight, no matter how much and regularly I’ve traveled in my life it never gets better. Now, when it’s out in the open, maybe there’s someone else out there having the same fears of flying or is it just me and the 2 other globetrotters I’ve met so far who actually admitted they were.

Taken at the airport in Barcelona this morning so I’m wearing comfy clothes for a 24 hours journey ahead, knitted top Next, old Levi’s, my new shoes from El Ganso, bag Longchamp and Ray Ban’s

August 23, 2010

The hunt!

On Friday in London I went to the COS store around my corner and I tried on a pair of beautiful classic, high waisted, beige pair of pants (think Chloe)  and since I was not fully convinced I put them carefully back on the hangar taking notice it was the only pair left in my size. Before I even landed in Barcelona I had regrets but I was hoping to find them over here. After heading straight to the COS store on Paseo De Gracia this morning I got a glimpse of hope when I spotted them followed by disappointment, the only one left in my size was already booked for another customer.

The story could have ended here, I could have given up and moved on in my mind, it’s just a pair of trousers after all, right? 

There was one option left, I made a phone call to London where they luckily had one left and my good friend Maggie is on her way to pick it up for me. Does this type of scenario sound familiar to anyone else, probably yes but there’s another group of people out there (normal people) which include most of my friends who are unfamiliar with situations like this. Probably rising one eyebrow and don’t get the dilemma hunting down a pair of pants across Europe when on holiday and thats perfectly fine, I do hope though that hearing about how far some of us are willing to act might put a smile on their faces……

Knitted jumper Next, shoes Zara, bag Chanel


August 17, 2010

Today’s outfit

Ended this day with a wonderful late dinner at a french restaurant Chez Gerard in Covent Garden where I used to be a regular, I might end up there again soon as they serve excellent snails and even though it’s quite a touristic place the atmosphere is cozy.

I’m wearing jumper from Next, cropped tights that doesn’t show, belt COS, shoes Whyred and bag Alexander Wang