February 5, 2011

Portman’s ballerina shoes

Yesterday I popped into a dance store net to my place Freed of London, looking for something to go with an outfit I’ve in mind. The store specializes in ballet shoes and the friendly staff told me that they supplied Natalie Portman with special made shoes for her during her training and making of the great movie Black Swan. So now you know the shoemaker that was paired with her dreamy like Rodarte outfits.

It’s worth stopping by if you’re a ballet fan, the walls are covered with signed images of the greatest dancers through times, even Portman left her’s behind. Unfortunately due to copyright issues I was not allowed to shoot in there except for these beautiful shoes.

The pair above were never on Portman’s feet though, they belong to a prima ballerina at the Royal Opera in London, pretty cool as well right.

Below a new pair waiting to be special made for another ballerina.

January 22, 2011

Black Swan

Today I took my timeout, strolling around in my hood, went to cinema and to seeĀ Black Swan followed by a good dinner at Arbutus. The movie is fantastic, Portman’s performance is outstanding and the clothes designed by Rodarte are so beautiful. In fact I’m still slightly out of balance after watching the movie, swans and ballet are my achilles as I’ve posted earlier and I’ll probably never forgive my dad for taking me out of ballet school as a child and glued me to a pair of alpine skies instead. Well, I guess you cannot change your past right.