November 13, 2011


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I for sure did with my best friend visiting, we spent a fab girly time together, shopping, dinners out, hours on the dance floors and lack of sleep, well, you all know what I mean.

Another friend visiting from Paris this weekend brought along my new booties by Isabel Marant, yeah, Christmas arrived early this year. I’ve posted about them before and initially wanted them in navy, but every time I’ve tried them on in stores I’ve ended up walking out with another pair of shoes, and when I finally decided to get them they were sold out practically everywhere in that color, typically! These ones will do, just need to get used to the popping bordeaux color when I look down at my feet.

Images taken yesterday, I wore shorts and jumper by Cos, coat and booties Isabel Marant, bag Celine, watch Michael Kors and Ray Ban’s.

November 4, 2011

The Bontonist

So sorry folks for my absence and bad updates the last couple of days, I’ve had a million things to do and a lack of energy but now I’m back I promise, and I’ll be better doing outfit posts in the time ahead.

Today I woke up obviously leaning towards the darker androgynous side, perhaps knowing that I would get my hair pleated later on for a change, and just to out balance the feminine plaits. Images taken of my sweet friend, the man behind the Bontonist, thank you Giorgio!
I wore cashmere blazer by Topshop Boutique, top Isabel Marant, pants Cos, shoes Prada, bag Celine, bracelet Margiela and watch Michael Kors.

Now, jumping into a dress and stilettos, drinks out in the London night, wishing you all a wonderful eve!

October 13, 2011


I finally solved the mystery of how many women manage to make their hair look so healthy tousled and effortless chic without looking as if it’s been close to a brush or hairdryer, but most likely it has and probably there’s some work behind, I’m having women like Emmanuelle Alt in mind. Earlier this week my friend Sergio tested a new styling method on me and I loved it, it lasted for several days and I didn’t need to do anything more about it other than brush though in the morning. The trick was in hairdressers terms “to set the hair”, and it took a professional hand to manage but I’m gonna practise this technique whenever I’ve got time.

Sadly it doesn’t show much in these images as I was cought by the wind but I wore a dress by Whistles, vest H&M, shoes Zara, bag Celine, watch Michael Kors and Ray Ban’s.

October 1, 2011


Fashion Week in Paris is a little crazy but I love it and indian summer continues so it’s back on with everything called summery clothes. My first day here was a little hectic though, perhaps due to the fact I was limping around in flats and at the end of the day, around sunset, just before the light was all gone, I realized I hadn’t got outfit photos taken, hence the blurry dark quality.
Anyway I wore top by Isabel Marant, shorts Acne, shoes Zara, bag Chanel, sunnies Phillip Lim, watch Michael Kors, bracelets Hermes and Intermix.

September 27, 2011

Indian summer

The indian summer has hit London, I guess better late than never, did someone mention global warming?

On Sunday I had a relaxing stroll around in South Kensington and slipped into a more summery outfit than usual in late September, I found this old tunic dress with fringes, still with the price tag on in my wardrobe, felt like brand new!
I wore angora coat and bracelet by Acne, tunic dress Topshop, sandals Kurt Geiger, bag Phillip Lim, watch Michael Kors and sunnies Ralph Lauren.

September 17, 2011


I know I haven’t posted much outfits the last week but it will come, here’s from the last day of NYFW and my feet needed a complete break from heels so I jumped into something casual which also has become my favorite ready-to-go-look, short dress+vest. I wore my brand new Phillip Lim glasses which are similar in style to the ones from Celine’s A/W collection that unfortunately has sold out everywhere I’ve been.

I wore silk dress and bag by Acne, vest Bik Bok, shoes Prada, sunnies Phillip Lim, watch Michael Kors and various bracelets.

September 7, 2011

In black

Sorry guys, today has been crazy busy for me as I’m leaving for NY tomorrow, that’s also the reason why I’m still awake at this hour, my foolish attempt to avoid jet lag. On top of ticking boxes on my list today I even managed to squeeze in a hair appointment with my favorite hair stylist in town, Sergio, I felt it was time to go slightly darker again, like every fall.

The last few days have been pretty chilly in London so today I just couldn’t leave the jacket behind at home, I wore skirt by Whyred, knit Zara, leather jacket and old booties Topshop, watch Michael Kors, bracelet Margiela, sunnies Ralph Lauren and bag Celine.

August 28, 2011


Bonjour! Paris has been wonderful so far and yesterday was a non-stop day with shopping eating and randomly we bumped into 2 groups of friends in 2 different areas of Paris. In fact I was led to one of the areas, Marais, tracking a pair of gorgeous shoes, serendipity I guess.

Now, gotta get ready to a massive birthday party, wishing you a happy Sunday too!

I wore skirt Acne, jumper Margiela, gillet H&M, boots Topshop, bracelet Proenza Schouler, watch Michael Kors, ring YSL, bag Celine and sunnies Ralph Lauren.

August 23, 2011

Soaking up

Woop woop, hope you all had a lovely week so far, London has been drowning today but yesterday was such a wonderful day and I soaked up the late August rays the best I could. It’s important to seize the moment while you can right, my philosophy when it comes to most things.

I wore a skirt from Zara that has been waiting in my wardrobe for a while, t-shirt Jil Sander, sandals Balenciaga, watch Michael Kors, ring YSL, bag and sunnies Celine.

August 16, 2011


Sorry, not much posting today but my mum is visiting from Norway so I’ve been out all day having fun with her. Not much time to say much more as I’m on the go again but thank you for feedback on yesterday’s 1-year-candle, it really warmed my heart. Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday eve!

My mum snapped me today and I wore shorts Topshop, top Cos, jacket Acne, shoes Zara, watch Michael Kors, bracelet Margiela and bag Celine.

August 11, 2011


Earlier this week I met up with my friend Sarah and we headed to the Somerset House for a nibble in the sunshine at Tom’s Cafe. For the moment there’s an exhibition called “Masters of Style” ongoing, featuring iconic images from Italian designers Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Missoni and Prada, unfortunately we didn’t have time to drop by but I won’t miss out on this one.

I wore an old cotton dress H&M, sandals Kurt Geiger, bag and sunnies Celine, watch Michael Kors and bracelets Intermix.

August 8, 2011


On Saturday eve I joined friends for a cozy dinner at their place followed by late drinks out. I wore this shorts suit from Acne that I bought as a set but never worn together before as they both come so well in hand as separate pieces and I’m in love with this fabric.

Shorts, blazer, t-shirt and bag by Acne, sandals Celine, necklace H&M, bracelet Kenneth Jay Lane and watch Michael Kors.

August 4, 2011


I’ve practically lived in these shorts lately, they are so comfy, and despite they are black the fabric is cooling in the heat. Speaking of heat, this was a super hot day in Thonon last weekend and the only reason why I wore a jumper was that I was heading to the airport back home.

Shorts Acne, jumper Cos, watch Michael Kors, Ray Ban’s, bag and sandals Celine.

August 2, 2011

White shirt

I love white shirts, can’t have to many of them and probably my favorite items after denims and I often “borrow” them from my boyfriend as I prefer them a bit oversized. Images taken last week on a day I didn’t have a clue what to wear and the weather wasn’t really helping. Today’s a different story though, the sun is shining and the heat finally returned to London, perhaps a good excuse to put on a summery dress while there’s still time.

Shorts Acne, shirt Boss, shoes Zara, bracelet Proenza Schouler, watch Michael Kors, bag and sunnies Celine.

July 22, 2011


Good Friday noon to you all!
When I woke up yesterday it didn’t feel very tempting to jump into a summery dress or anything like it, seing the big black cloud above my roof top I felt inspired to go dress more like fall, mustard and brown, how could anyone blame me?
Today however is a different story,  the sun is out, no clouds in sight and I wish the same for you wherever you are.

I wore pants Diane von Furstenberg, t-shirt Jil Sander, jacket Acne, shoes Cos, watch Michael Kors, bag Celine and sunnies Ralph Lauren.