March 9, 2011

Nail whitener

Not often I come with beauty tips on this blog but here’s a great nail product I use from Mavala, it’s an optical nail whitener, perfect for miscolored nails that gives a fresher look if you don’t want to wear nail color all the time. After using it a lot lately my nails actually have gotten whiter so it’s not just an optical illusion, yours for £10.

Something to think about for you men out there as well!

October 30, 2010


I’m not one of those girls who get my nails done in a saloon, always done it myself so I’ve probably tried everything out there, the best top coat by miles is the Minute Quick Finish from Mavala and I’ve used it for ages, stays like a rock and doesn’t cost very much. Unfortunately there’s only one place in London who sells it as far as I know (Bliss Pharmacy), yesterday I went for a refill and spotted this new color, 155 Bronze Green, THE color I’ve been looking for.