January 19, 2011

Pop Ups

Jil Sander’s pop up color market bags have hit the stores, I’m thinking of getting the one in acetate, the other three are in leather and you’ll find them on NetaAPorter

December 6, 2010

Christmas Market

On Saturday I strolled around Sloane Square and visited the Market where they sold lovely cheeses, saucissons, organic jams and tons of other stuff, a whole bag of delicatessen followed me home that day. I love these weeks before Christmas despite I strongly dislike the darkness and cold and there’s nothing that reminds of Christmas in my own home except that the heater is running on max (to my parents if you read this, don’t worry, I’ll appreciate all that when I come home). As for now decorations and singing in the streets are the only reminder but oh so cozy.

Out of the door in a minute, dinner at a great French place in Covent Garden, ciao everyone.