November 27, 2010


Since I’ve got visits from Paris this weekend this day has been a typical touristic kind of day, except the shopping part, they didn’t seem to be much interested and I was quite happy about that for once, even if the cold was killing me I just didn’t feel like keeping my eyes open today, just relaxing, eating, talking and walking and when I was close to hypothermia we warmed up on Lumumba in a pub.

Going out for a great dinner later tonight and really want to put on something nice I recently bought, but the cold, the cold….

Leggings Zara, blazer and boots Acne, leather jacket Topshop, bag Mulberry.

November 14, 2010


Today I visited Oxford for the first time after living in England for years. It was rainy, muddy and cold but still a beautiful place, cant wait to go back there on a warm summer day, must be so idyllic. I haven’t filled my lungs with such fresh air for a while and despite my hometown is Narvik, in the north of Norway, I think I’ve spent too much time in London cause Oxford felt like going-in-to-the wild, I think it might be time for a trip back home for a reminder.

After wandering along the river and touring different colleges we hit one of the local pubs, candles, beer and my winter favorite to keep warm where on the table, Lumumba, hot chocolate with rum, delicious.

As I simply refused to freeze I covered myself in layers, jeans Cheap Monday, jumper and leather jacket Topshop, fur waistcoat, H&M, belt & boots Acne and bag Alexander Wang