October 26, 2010

Whistles & Lord Sugar

Today I’ve been pretty much without my Macbook, so not much posting but now it’s back into my hands with a new screen and I can breathe again. I take my hat off for the people in the Covent Garden Apple store who helped me so quickly, I assume they spotted my beginning panic attack. While I was hanging around in the store I watched Lord Sugar promoting his self biography and had quite a laugh when he was asked question by the young audience, like “what did you do to deserve the title lord?” Anyway if you don’t know who Lord Sugar is, never mind, I think he’s hardly known outside UK, the british and “smaller” equivalence to Donald Trump.

Oh there was so much nice at Whistles today, I’m into metallics these days and found this cute silver knit, a pair of pants and a khaki hoodie/scarf.