March 14, 2011

A knot

Whoop whoop, hope you all had a lovely Monday so far, personally I’ve never really fancied Mondays, everything move so slowly or perhaps it’s just me.

Images taken on yesterday’s Sunday stroll, I wore cropped Levi’s, knit Helmut Lang, coat H&M, loafers Alexander Wang and bag Longchamp

January 7, 2011


Today I met up with my sweetie Johanna for brunch and girl talk at Le Pain Quotidien in Covent Garden with the background sound of violinists at the Piazza, beautiful. Can’t wait for warmer temperatures, sunshine and long brunches outside.

After just finishing off some work I’m on my way out, party at friends’s house, have a lovely Friday eve you too!

Wool skirt American Apparel, top & scarf Cos, leather jacket Topshop, boots Acne and bag Longchamp.

December 15, 2010


For a moment I was confused about which country I lived in, referring to last month’s cold but I remembered today, the rain is back and with that the light outside gone. I’m not complaining though, much better that freezing cold but ideally 0 degrees please.

As I felt very boring on my way out, blue jeans and white cotton jumper I grabbed my colorful bag and rolled up my jeans, a detail I like. Met up with Sarah in South Kensington for a late lunch and girly talk and Sarah acted as photographer again, thanks dear!

Jeans Cheap Monday, top Whistles, coat Oasis, shoes Zara, bag Longchamp

August 27, 2010


I’m not very into long term flights or can I say flying at all and that’s not because it’s not comfortable, the reason? I’m actually a bit shaky and I’m terrified every time I step into a flight, no matter how much and regularly I’ve traveled in my life it never gets better. Now, when it’s out in the open, maybe there’s someone else out there having the same fears of flying or is it just me and the 2 other globetrotters I’ve met so far who actually admitted they were.

Taken at the airport in Barcelona this morning so I’m wearing comfy clothes for a 24 hours journey ahead, knitted top Next, old Levi’s, my new shoes from El Ganso, bag Longchamp and Ray Ban’s

August 21, 2010

Bye bye London, for now!

Hi ¬†everyone, it’s decided, in a few hours I’m leaving for Barcelona, then a week Laos (do you know where this country is?) and then heading for Bangkok for a few days. I’ll try my best to make post from my journey and hope to inspire you for future travels.

Strutting down my hood wearing white shirt and leather belt COS, cropped tights underneath, shoes Zara and bag Longchamp