September 28, 2011

Watch your step

I’ve been keeping my eyes on these candies by Celine like forever and now they’re finally mine. But they came with a price and by that I don’t only mean the price tag. I felt so euphoric when I finally got them in hand and my mind were everything else than watching my steps on the wet ground when I stepped down to the London Underground. I slipped, flyed and landed hardly, must have been quite a sight, but I was lucky, could have gone so much worse, don’t want to think about it, but thanks to fast reacting people it only resulted in a fractured ankle and broken heel.┬áCan’t blame the new shoes though, they’re too beautiful for that!

This incident almost ruined my trip to Paris for Fashion Week but today I made a decision, I can deal with a bandage and flats at least for a couple of days, how I’m gonna get around is a different story, but tomorrow morning I’m off, can’t wait!