November 18, 2010

Asian Beauty

Estee Lauder’s new faces, Siu Wen &¬†Constance Jablonski

Not long ago Liu Wen was announced to be Estee Lauder’s¬†first Asian spokesperson alongside Constance Jablonski. Later on Maybelline announced another Chinese model Shu Pei to be the face of their brand. During the last global fashion week the use of Asian models has increased and several luxury brands casted more Asian models than ever before.

Siu Pei for Proenza Schouler Spring 2011

Vogue has largely ignored the use of Asian models in the past but in Vogue US December issue eight Asian models are featured and according to the magazine they are “redefining traditional concepts of beauty” in the 2 page spread photographed by Steven Meisel.

Vogue US December 2010

Why took so long and why right now? Well, who knows, Asian economy and consumer luxury spending are growing which might have forced the fashion and beauty industry to have a rethink or perhaps they just woke up one day and suddenly realized what Asian beauty was about. For whatever reason underlying it was really about time and I’m hoping it’s not just a trend all forgotten by next season.

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