May 26, 2012

The color yellow

A conversation with a friend
Me: “Hmm, it’s quite yellow….”
Friend: “Yep, no doubt about that ….”
Me: “I mean, it’s really really yellow, in your face yellow…..”
Friend: “Yes, but it’s cute, and your colors can handle it. I could never wear this color myself, my blond complexion could never pull it off.”
Me: “And why’s that? The way I see it that’s exactly what would suit you when you’re blond and fair!”

So I guess I’m not the only one having second thoughts about this color, anyway I finally got convinced to keep this jumper, though I’ve never been a fan of sharp yellows and always preferred the washed out scale. Now, as I’ve already taken a step outside my comfort-color-zone I’m probably soon gonna break the only “don’t” color-mix I have, pairing black and yellow, suddenly I just think it works, and aren’t rules made to be broken?

Yesterday’s outfit when I headed for Friday drinks followed by dinner at L’Etranger, I wore a denim skirt by Acne, new jumper by Altuzarra, bracelet Cooee, watch Tagheuer, bag and shoes by Celine.

September 12, 2010



Yesterday I registered the first yellow leaves on the ground, summer is officially over. Even if  the weather is lovely and sunny there’s something raw in the air. I noticed on my way to visit  friends in Gloucester Road that people were all dressed so differently, some of us were fooled by the sunshine while others only followed the calendar and completely wrapped up even in coats or like the lady behind me in the photo, she was top to toe dressed in yellow……..

Ended up having an improvised late dinner at L’Etranger. The service, meat, wine and dessert tasted heavenly and I couldn’t stop myself taking photos of the fantastic Banaoffee pie. (A tip is to book a table in advance)

Banaoffee Pie

Chateau Pape Clement, 1983

What I’m wearing has pretty much turned into my uniform, shorts Cos, top and blazer Acne, shoes Zara