September 25, 2011


Hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you’ve been just as lucky as us with the weather. I think this might be the most sunny weekend we’ve had in London for ages and I tried my best to soak it up.
Yesterday I strolled around in my hood, late brunch at Le Pain Quotidien and in the late noon I watched the Rise of the Planet of the Apes at cinema, despite what critics may say I loved it, it’s incredible well done, so emotional, and at the end of it I found myself perhaps a little too enthusiastic for my surrounding audience.
Having that said I’ve been a total geeky fan of the original ape movie, Planet of The Apes from 1968, since I was a kid, and I recorded it from TV as a 10 year old. I could watch it again and again, totally hooked, until my baby brothers sadly recorded Thomas the Tank Engine all over my tape, ok, enough of nostalgia.

I wore pants and shoes from Cos, knit and bag by Acne, watch Tagheuer, ring YSL and Ray Ban’s.

August 25, 2011


The weather was really wet and uninspiring this morning when I left home for breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien with my favorite girl, Johanna.I tucked my hair inside my jacket and jumped into these cropped leopard jeans from Whistles (not exactly in that order) that I’ve used a lot lately. I’m so careful with leopard prints but this pattern and color feel more toned down in a way.

Jeans Whistles, old leather jacket Topshop, t-shirt and sandals Acne, bag Celine, watch Tagheuer and bracelet Margiela.

August 13, 2011


Today I’ve just been chilling, I love Saturdays, sleeping, breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien in the sunshine, a stroll in Covent Garden, James Bond on TV and now I’m getting ready to a barbeque birthday party. I’ll try to post before I leave into the night.

February 24, 2011


Just when fashion week was about to end I bought a new lence for my camera, it’s so small so it feels like my camera is amputated and I’ll need some time to get use to it. I played around with it today and met up my dearest Johanna at Le Pain Quotidien for a girly break, my first “normal” day in weeks, wonderful! For the rest of you friends and family that haven’t seen or heard from me the last couple of weeks, I’ll call you very soon.

I’ll post some more images from today shortly.

January 7, 2011


Today I met up with my sweetie Johanna for brunch and girl talk at Le Pain Quotidien in Covent Garden with the background sound of violinists at the Piazza, beautiful. Can’t wait for warmer temperatures, sunshine and long brunches outside.

After just finishing off some work I’m on my way out, party at friends’s house, have a lovely Friday eve you too!

Wool skirt American Apparel, top & scarf Cos, leather jacket Topshop, boots Acne and bag Longchamp.

November 26, 2010


Met up with sweet Johanna today and popped into a few stores around Oxford Circus and a cozy brunch on Le Pain Quotidien. I think London have adopted the idea of Black Friday to a certain extend cause there were plenty of offers out there ending Sunday.

Now, speed cleaning at home, tomorrow we’ll have visitors from Paris.

Shirt Boss, knit Topshop, leather skirt and shoes Zara, faux fur H&M and bag Mulberry.

November 17, 2010


Met up with Julie on our weekly lunch date yesterday at our regular place Le Pain Quotidien, we ordered our soups as we always do when we go there together, you may call it a routine but a very cozy one so from now on I hope she never leaves for vacation again.

I’m going to an event this morning and I’ve got no clue what to wear, I won’t be able to wear what I usually would put on, let’s just say ripped jeans and mini skirt would not be suitable and I stare at my wardrobe and it looks……empty

I wore old coat H&M, scarf Cos, boots Acne, bag Mulberry

November 8, 2010


I was supposed to spend this Sunday on a wine tasting outside London but a change of plans in the last minute, well, I’ll save that for another time. Ended up with a late brunch in at Le Pain Quotidien in Covent Garden where Christmas has slightly started, decorations in place and a naked Christmas tree but the smell of Gluhwein in the streets is still missing.

Coat H&M, shoes Acne, bag Alexander Wang and Ray Ban’s

Le Pain Quotidien has a fantastic Hummus

October 19, 2010

Casual days

Met up with my lovely friend Julie and had our weekly lunch date today in Covent Garden in our regular place Le Pain Quotidien, it was way too cold for out door seating so bye bye lunches in the sunshine until spring.

I just feel like dressing casual at the moment, my leather jacket and boots have been glued on me lately so I digged out this coat from my wardrobe for a change. Thanks to sweet Malcolm who snapped me quickly next to a local book shop.

I wore silk pants Cos, shirt and wool coat Zara, shoes Acne and bag Wang

October 15, 2010


Today I met up with my friend Julie at our regular lunch place in Covent Garden, Le Pain Quotidien, she was sweet (as always) to snap me quickly before she ran off and I headed for a pop-up shop in the area, I’ll post about it later. A great weekend is ahead, I loooove Fridays! Gotta get ready cause I have to run out of the door soon again.

I wore skater skirt and knits Zara, jacket Topshop, boots Acne, bag Wang and Ray Ban’s.

October 5, 2010

Beige, black & white with a touch of red & grey

I know, I’m  stuck in this color scale, having my everyday outfits documented leaves no doubt. Now I’m gonna try to do a conscious step away from it, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Maybe a head 2 toe red outfit or pastels, oh gosh, I regret I didn’t get that vintage-powder-pink-jumper I posted earlier, regrets confirmed.

Anyway, this is what I wore today and my sweetie Julie snapped me quickly after our weekly lunch date at Le Pain Quotidien in Covent Garden, shirt Cos, shorts and shoes Topshop, coat Oasis and bag Alexander Wang. Oki, gotta get ready for a dinner out, ciao!

September 16, 2010

Brick Red

Met up with Julie for lunch at Le Pain Quotidien in Covent Garden, our regular place to meet up  for lunch once a week. I was so happy when they decided to open one in Covent Garden earlier this year since it’s been one of my favorite french bakeries for years. They have an excellent outdoor serving in the sun but I think it’s to cold for that, unless you wrap up in a warm coat.

Julie was sweet and enthusiastic as always and snapped a few images of me. I’m wearing knitted jumper Topshop Boutique, silk pants H&M, wedges Miu Miu, bag Biasa and my new lipstick from Burberry in Brick Red