June 3, 2012

Happy Jubilee!

Got my favorite Laduree macarones yesterday at Harrods in this cute little limited edition jubilee box, you haven’t missed out that London is in celebration right now. Was planning to head down to the Thames this noon to celebrate with Her Majesty the Queen, but the rain has so far put me off. Anyway, Happy Jubilee!

November 24, 2010


I felt in the mood of flared leg pants today and dug out my old jeans from Acne, I know they are not the most flared legs pants out there but for someone who is used to stick their legs into skinny jeans it’s quite a different feeling. Met up with my friend Sarah on Brompton Road and had a great brunch followed by a swing into Harrods were we fell in love with a gorgeous sheep fur jacket from Acne in a mix of black and grey pieces. Ended up at Laduree where Sarah bought her evening food, she had me staring when she bought 4 cakes for 2 people, not bad for a petite woman ha!

Jeans Acne, knit and shoes Zara, shearling jacket vintage and bag Biasa

September 15, 2010

Louboutin X Ladurée

You constantly have collaborations in the world of fashion, some of them a great match other’s not. The French shoe maestro Christian Louboutin has been busy the last year and given Barbie a makeover and now a new collaboration has been launched, King of French Patisserie Ladurée and Louboutin. Louboutin X Ladurée special edition macaroons are available in London at Ladurée Harrods and Burlington Arcade Gallery and comes in a box of 6 macaroons.

I love Laduree macaroons with or without Louboutins contribution, especially the liquorice or caramel ones and I’m sure that this collaboration won’t make them less tasteful. In fact there’s no waist here, eat the lovely macaroni’s and save the Louboutin box for jewellery or simply use it as decoration.