April 13, 2011

Nude smoke

Loving this shot of Ginta Lapina for Vogue Japan April issue which has a true Edie Sedgewick feel to it, perhaps it’s due to the magic smoke, bleached eyebrows, attitude, jewellery, make-up, I don’t know, but it would qualify for my wall if I had one to spare.

March 31, 2011

Kate Moss

source TFS

I really like this cool and beautiful spread of Kate Moss for Vogue Nippon May issue, photographed by Mert & Marcus.

I’m heading out to a press presentation at Temperley’s, have a lovely late noon!

March 15, 2011

In these times

I haven’t been feeling well today and have hardly got any work done. In order to clear my head I went down to Starbucks on my ground floor and sipped on a coffee but neither did I feel any better or found any inspiration. The thing is, in times like this, I’m referring to the tragedy in Japan, everything feels quite meaningless in compare and I’m pretty sure that goes for all people working in this more “shallow” area. So today I’ll do the only thing I can do from my position, I urge you all to donate in one way or another if you haven’t done so already, here’s one alternative: Red Cross

Tomorrow will be a good day!