October 3, 2011


Who could imagine high summer at this time of year, I’m pretty sure we never really had these high temperatures and burning sun any time this summer and I don’t mind at all being in Paris enjoying it. It has been a challenge though to get dress and after only a few days I had already used the summery fabrics I brought along. I could safely have left trousers and jumpers back home and only packed floating summery dresses. Obviously I haven’t been the only one with this “problem” and I guess many have had to improvise, or hit the stores for summery stuff in October, or those brave ones who decided to simply stay up against the heat.

I wore this outfit a few days ago and was completely melting away, I wore leather skirt, sandals and bag by Acne, top Zara, watch Tagheuer, bracelet J Dauphin, sunnies Ralph Lauren and the sand on my shoes are from Tuileries!

February 15, 2011

At Tiffany’s

As temperatures steepened yesterday I let my fur rest at the hotel and wore something light, under the coat I wore a whole bodysuit from Monki, felt slightly like a 3 year old but oh so comfy.

My dearest man dragged me over to Tiffany’s and that iconic window display, I know it’s a cliche, but hey it was my first time visiting so some tourist stunts must be allowed.

Bodysuit Monki, coat Stine Goya, sandals Acne, bag American Apparel, bracelt J Dauphin, watch Tagheuer and Chanel Black Pearl nails

February 10, 2011


Wow, what a great night yesterday, as you may know already I didn’t win in the category I was nominated in but I was so happy to even be among the five finalists. A massive thank you to all of you lovely readers who voted for me, on behalf of you I’m sorry I didn’t go to the top, I felt I owed you that.

Around 1000 people attended the award Blog Award in Folketeatret, creme de la creme of fashionistas in Norway and I’ve to admit it was a strange proud feeling to see my blog on the big screen. My sister kept me company and we ended the evening quite late. Unfortunately my camera didn’t want to be on my side yesterday so most of the images I took are completely destroyed.

Now I’m back in a rainy London and got 5 billion things to do cause I just got some wonderful news, I’m going to New York tomorrow, weee, NY fashion week is ongoing and I really hope to report from there.

Thank you all again for your support!

I wore dancing body, silk skirt Shape Shiftr, Louboutins, jacket Vibe Johansson, bracelet J Dauphin and bag Chanel

February 6, 2011


Yesterday eve was a blast and I danced in a leather dress from Zara, one ear ring Snö of Sweden, bracelet J Dauphin, Louboutins and bag Chanel.

The reason why I don’t show full length images taken at home is simply due to the fact that I live in a typical tiny London flat where the room with a wall proper to shoot has a width of 1.5m. Oh guys up in Scandinavia you have no idea how lucky you are in terms of space……

February 4, 2011


This day went so fast and before I realized it was already too dark to shoot, therefore the bad quality images. I stopped by Harvey Nichols earlier on and ended up with the bag I’m holding in my left arm, something beautiful for the feet, I’ll show you later.

It’s wonderful to finally see the garments in store that we’ve seen images of for 5 months like Lanvin and Jil Sander, those pink pants are even better looking in real life but I didn’t dear to try them on. I also checked out a few handbags at Harrods, among them the beautiful black Box Bag from Celine, which woman on this planet wouldn’t mind to get her hands on that one, sorry about the prize tag though, it  doesn’t really qualify an impulse buy.

Jeans and boots Acne, jumper and coat H&M, bag Mulberry, bracelet J Dauphin, watch Tagheuer

Image by  Tommy Ton

December 6, 2010

Treats at Asos

I just clicked home the shirt on top from Ann-Sofie Back at Asos, unfortunately they’ve sold out the grey jumper with the shoulder details in my size. I’m also completely in love with the wool coat from Stine Goya, coat perfection! The bracelets are from J Dauphin, also my favorites and the good thing most of this is on 20% sale right now at Asos. If you didn’t know any of these brands, well now you know and they are all Scandinavian treasures.

I posted earlier today a tip on Flingly.