December 1, 2011


You’re never too old to be childish so I just clicked home this super cute silicone iphone cassette case, perfect for some retro protection. If I like it I might get more of them as Christmas presents to my beloved ones, so now you know what you might get, sorry to spoil the fun, hehe….

October 9, 2010

Red Light

So, an iphone 4 is on it’s way and should be in my hands tomorrow, today has been quite a test being without my phone, feels like someone chopped off my hands and it’s strange to think of the addiction to it when you first get used to it. How did people manage in the old days?

I have to admit I’m still a bit shaken up so I spent the day relaxing in Covent Garden and had a great brunch at Paul’s, their crepes are so jammy and I bet they have some of the best butter in london.

I’m wearing leather pants Cos, silk jumper and boots Acne, coat Oasis and bag Wang


Boo George shoots Freja Beha Erichsen for Twin F/W 2009

I’ll let this image speak for me, during a fabulous dinner yesterday eve I got robbed for my iphone and feel pretty frustrated now, well, nothing that cannot be fixed. It’s scary to think of what could have happened so on the bright side we’re unharmed and my handbag and shoes are still with me. Remember when Carrie got robbed her Manolo’s in SATC?