February 8, 2014


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Mind global warming and all, there are definitely some benefits of having warmer winters that I’m embracing to the fullest. Sporting bare ankles and little silk scarves are some of them, along with a good knit and a coat, this sums up my “uniform” of 2014 so far.
What’s yours?

By Malene Birger trousers, knit by Designers Remix, shoes by Miu Miu, coat by Stella McCartney, silk scarf by  Celine Aagaard for Holzweiler, sunnies by Celine and bag by Chanel.

February 3, 2014


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Though I’m a pretty black cat I love wearing whites, especially this time of year when we’ve survived the darkest season and only brighter days are ahead. It’s wonderful isn’t, that days already are getting longer, and if you’re a real optimist you can already start looking for signs of spring, well, I guess the latter would depend on you geographic though.

Anyway, white leather pants are essentials to me this season, and these baggy specimen along with this shorter version of my grey coat (that I’ve practically been living in), and these Monica Vinader diamond rings, are all new wardrobe favourites.

Happy Monday morning to all of you and don’t forget to enter the £500 Monica Vinader give away below, only a few days left now!

Leather trousers by Designers Remix, jumper by Stella McCartney, coat by Ganni, blue shoes by Celine, bag by Gucci and rings by Monica Vinader.

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January 26, 2014

Marius and diamonds

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There’s always a risk pairing something thigh high with something leather, and choosing pieces to go along with it should be taken with a serious thought(!). In order of not stepping into dangerous territory I skipped the pink jersey top (as if I ever had one!)) and stole my boyfriend’s Norwegian Marius knit , made by my mum, and that will for sure not be the last time.

Just in case you didn’t know this iconic print is a design heritage we Norwegian’s have always been proud of, and that has been reproduced in various ways also internationally that I’m sure you’ve come across.
Happy Sunday Everyone!

Suede skirt by Acne (also here), Norwegian Marius-knit made by my mum, 5050 boots by Stuart Weitzman, coat by Stella McCartney, bag by Tod’s, sunnies by Celine, and diamond rings by Monica Vinader, others by Tom Wood and DeBeers.

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January 23, 2014


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Footwear-hype of the past few weeks has undoubtedly been Adidas Stan Smith’s after the hype surrounding the recent retro release of the old classics. After wanting a pair of versatile white sneakers for a while, my choice landed on a pair and I’ve practically moved into them, and the rent isn’t bad at all!
Flats are for sure dominating my front shelves in the shoe closets right now, but  perhaps it’s time to jump into them heels again, it’s always dangerous getting too comfortable, and I’m not only referring to heel heights!

Mango wool trousers, sweater by Celine, coat by Ganni (shorter version here), Adidas sneakers and bag by Gucci.

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January 19, 2014


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Happy Sunday noon you all!
Sorry for not being around much this week but 2014 has been quite hectic so far and it won’t slow down very soon either. A kick-off new year with lots of energy and exciting things in the loop require you to be more organised(!), and if I wasn’t before that’s certainly something motherhood has taught me.

However, juggling being a full time mum with work can certainly be challenging sartorial-wise, and you might just need to grab for your favourite reliable basics (getting dressed in 2 minutes anyone?), yet another reason for investing in great basics!

Suede skirt by Acne, Zara knit, coat by Stella McCartney, boots by Miu Miu, bag by Celine and various rings by Tom Wood, Maria Black and Marte Frisnes.

January 13, 2014


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While it seems that it’s freezing cold elsewhere, we’ve had a few days of the cold that inspired me to dress accordingly, bare ankles are not a usual thing in January, but I’m not the one to complain.

Anyway, I’m totally hooked on long coats these days, it’s so convenient to throw on with everything and perfectly relaxed. This old thing for instance I’ve had in my wardrobe forever, and quite to the contrary of my usual longterm wardrobe survivors, this one was a high street bargain years ago.

Mannish in varsity stripes by Dries Van Noten (similar here), sneakers by Miu Miu (also here and here), jeans by Frame Denim, old coat by French Connection, bag by Gucci, sunnies by Celine, various rings by Tom Wood, Maria Black, Marte Frisnes and Maria Zabel.

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January 6, 2014

Happy 2014!

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Hedvig Opshaug 03.01.2013-3

Happy New Year Everyone, I hope you’ve all been good!!!

After a few weeks half in coma and just relaxing for once(!), I’m back on London’s solid grounds with luggage of expectations, plans and resolutions for the new year ahead.
Sartorial-wise I wish we could kick off with brand new spring wardrobes, but sporting Celine sandals and slouchy trousers don’t really go along with wintery storms nor wet, chilly, British weather, where these days practical cannot be ignored.
Speaking of practical, lately I find these boots by Stuart Weitzman the perfect company on the go, and they are probably the cleverest pair of boots I’ve ever had when it comes to travelling as they wrap together easily without taking up any space.

J Brand jeans, T-shirt and scarf by Acne Studios, coat by Stella McCartney, 5050 boots by Stuart Weitzman, bag by Proenza Schouler, rings by Tom Wood, De Beers, Marte Frisnes and Maria Black.

December 20, 2013

Maria Black’s calendar girl

Hedvig Opshaug + Maria Black Jewellery-1 copy

Super-hot, Danish jewellery brand Maria Black asked me to pick my 3 favourites pieces for the festive season, wish list pieces of my own that would also make perfect presents to that special of yours, you’ll find them all here.

December 18, 2013

Ode to Hedi

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Hedvig Opshaug 13.12.2013-2

As a contrast to my “Manish”-post the other day I felt like letting my girly side come out and play, at least to some extend. Cute little dresses worn with knitted cards or coats were the key looks strutting down Saint Laurent’s A/W runway and it’s one of the few show-looks that are perfect for “real life”, and those parties coming up this seasons.

Dress by Lover, mohair cardigan by Acne, coat by Stella McCartney, boots by Jimmy Choo, necklace by Marte Frisnes and bag by Tod’s.

Hedvig Opshaug 13.12.2013-3

December 15, 2013


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Hedvig Opshaug 08.12.2013-2

I have lost count how often people ask me how old my baby boy is, instantly thinking the absence of pink and silly dollish prints, substituted with black, blue or other “non-gender-related-colours”, means she’s a boy. According to my mum, apparently the same thing happened to me as a child, but once an elderly lady told her it would bring good luck in life being mistaken for the opposite sex. Whether or not the latter being true, I’m feeling quite lucky and blessed in life, and I still stick to my “boyish” pieces that somehow ended up dominating my wardrobe.
Happy Sunday!

Wool trousers by Acne (also here), cashmere knit by Joseph, “old” coat by Isabel Marant, shoes by Jimmy Choo (also here), bag by Chanel and Tag Heuer watch.

December 10, 2013

Light mood

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Hedvig Opshaug 07.12.2013-2

Turtle knits have certainly been “my thing” this season, and combined with the weather we’ve been blessed with so far it has allowed us to leave big chunky scarves at home. Wearing lighter colours have also been a conscious “act” of mine, and though I’m pretty much of a black cat, I swear lighter colours sort of brightens up your mood now when days are getting shorter.

Knit by Zara, jeans by Stella McCartney (also here), coat by Ganni, boots by Saint Laurent (similar here), bag by Gucci.

December 7, 2013


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Hedvig Opshaug 01.12.2013-2

Already one week in of December, November, fall, what happened? Christmas is just around the corner, and a like many of you my list stretches to the moon of things that should be done, well, same procedure as every year I guess. We’ll all get there in the end don’t we, one way or another!

So with that dark cloud of things that I should do hanging over me, I haven’t really put much thought into outfits, and simply relied on basic and comfy all-rounders, but when I think of it that’s what I always do, hehe.
Happy Saturday Everyone!

Cashmere knit by FWSS, pants and coat by Stella McCartney, Sella-bag by Tod’s, boots by Jimmy Choo.

December 2, 2013

Black Cyber

Hedvig Opshaug 28.11.2013-1

Hedvig Opshaug 28.11.2013-2

Black Friday, Cyber Monday? Only a few years back I personally had to clue of any, but in these digital and global times you must have been hiding in a cave with no internet connection or been a real anti-shopper at heart if you haven’t snapped it up. My inbox have been full lately with all sorts of  sales, offers and discounts than ever before and if you’re an eager online shopper like myself I’m sure yours is too. Now is the time to get those things you’ve been eyeing for long, but never really could justify to pay at full price, let the joyful shopping begin!

MiH Bodycon Jeans, cashmere v-neck by J.Crew (also here), faux-fur by Stella McCartney (also here and here), Zara boots and bag by Gucci.

Hedvig Opshaug 28.11.2013-3

November 18, 2013


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Hedvig Opshaug 07.11.2013-3

Bare legs in November? Yup, that has been totally possible in London without freezing your legs off. I’m not the one who spend my outdoor life in a cab (!), but with layers of wool, cashmere and a coat, bare legs has worked surprisingly well this mild season. However it’s inevitable, and as temperatures are dropping the dreaded tights(!), will eventually be put back on again, but until then I’m channeling my inner viking!

Wool skirt by Acne (also here), cashmere knit by Joseph, coat by Ganni, boots by Jimmy Choo and bag by Tod’s.

November 15, 2013

Tod’s Touch

Tod's Touch-Hedvig Opshaug-1

Tod's Touch-Hedvig Opshaug-2

Tod's Touch-Hedvig Opshaug-3

Wow, thank you Tod’s for this feature, such an honour!
If you fancy catching up with this small article you’ll find it on Tod’s website.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!