November 2, 2011

Nice on top

Every year I look for the perfect hat, it has to beanie-style, wool and not to itchy, perhaps this one from Acne that comes in 4 popping colors could be the one, haven’t tried it one yet but I’ll pop by the store very soon.

June 3, 2011


Images Fashiongonerogue

Loving the sensual styling in this spread for Vogue Japan July 2011 issue styled by Anastasia Barbieri and modelled by Snejana Onopka. Once again I’m reminded I haven’t found the perfect hat yet, well I did, but it sold out everywhere within short so the hunt continues…….

April 1, 2011


I love hats though I hardly ever wear them, always feels like I’m playing dress-up but I’ve promised myself to give it another try to feel comfy in it and this hat from Rag & Bone is just what I’ve been looking for! You’ll find it here.

January 1, 2011


Hope you all had a great celebration yesterday, I did for sure, slightly tired today though but it doesn’t stop me from browsing. I’ve been looking for more images of the sun glasses in Acne’s Spring collection and found some images on their website, not available yet but I hope to grab them when they are, so cool, the same goes for this amazing leather hat, crawings!

August 26, 2010

The woman with the hat

After scouting for days for fabulous, inspirational stylish people in the streets of Barcelona, avoiding touristic areas I still didn’t find any. I’m sure they were hiding around somewhere but our paths never crossed.

I had almost given it up and then I spotted this lady on my way home from the beach. It was the secure, slightly ignorant way she wore her hat and the way she was totally dressed in black paired with black espandrillos in the late sunny noon that caught my interest. I off course presumed she was a local or at least Spanish and asked her kindly if I could take a photo of her. Oh, how wrong I was, she is a Norwegian like me and her name is Runhild, how funny isn’t that? Maybe I should have guessed, she’s fair skinned, blond and blue eyed but these days you cannot tell any longer, I’ve met plenty of blonds like her before from the southern hemisphere. I don’t know much about her either other than she gave me her card and she smiled.

Speaking of hats I’ve been searching for mine for months now in London, even in Turkey and Barcelona but still haven’t found The One in leather. I think I’ll surrender and just stick to the one I already found, now in my wardrobe at home waiting to be worn, it’s from H&M above, for a good cause, Fashion Against AIDS.