March 13, 2011

Around in London

I usually don’t have too many plans during weekends, I like being free without any commitments and rather enjoy spontaneous things coming up, like yesterday, I ended up spending a whole lot of time in the Margiela store in Mayfair then followed by a late brunch at the new open Hakkasan in the same area, a walk around and movies at home the rest of the evening and today I woke up feeling rested for once, lovely!

I’ll post some outfit images in a minute and then a whole new day to enjoy!

December 9, 2010


Today I caught up with my beautiful amazon model friend Sophia, we met earlier this year on a job together and kept in touch ever since. She arrived in snow boots due to the fact she lives in Leeds and walked hours in snow this morning to get to the train station. We had a drink at Hakkasan and browsed through a few stores in Covent Garden and ended up trying to convince the owner of a Vintage store to add us on their VP list to have a chance to lay our hands on the goodies before they hit the stores, well, we tried, no success. I got a tip though of a grey vintage rabbit fur that I’m gonna check out tomorrow, weeee!!!!