November 28, 2010

A gentlemen’s sport

Today was my debut attending a tennis game, Barclays ATP World Tour in the O2 arena, Federer vs Nadal in the final, even a non tennis fan like me have followed these guys the last couple of years on tv ┬ábut I’ve never understood what was so great with this sport that can take up to 5 hours to finish. Having that said, now when I’ve been there, felt the energy, the show, and seen this gentlemen’s sport up close I feel completely different. I will definitely go and watch games live in the future, but following it intensively on tv is another story. Oh, Federer won in case you didn’t know.

Jeans Twenty8Twelve, silver knit and waistcoat H&M, scarf vintage, leather jacket Topshop, boots Acne and bag Mulberry


Wow, it’s cold and these homemade knits made by my step mum or grandmother up in Norway is the only way to keep my feet warm in this freezing building.

Now, I’m heading off to see my first tennis game live so if the final between Federer and Nadal doesn’t turn me into a tennis fan I guess nothing ever will.