February 23, 2011

LFW Day 5 – Ashish

Today was last day of womenswear in LFW and to be honest I’m looking forward for tomorrow, it’s the day of menswear and then it’s over this time around. I’ve got so many images and things to absorb but here’s some pics I snapped at the last show I went to today, Ashish. I can’t say I’m crazy about this collection but you’ve got some interesting elements in there, lots of knits, shredded denim, british flags, colors and lots of attitude. The show was packed, looked like everyone wanted to catch the last show of womenswear.

Now I really need some sleep to be ready for a long day tomorrow, lets hope for sunshine!

February 19, 2011

LFW Day 1

Caroline Charles

Corrie Nielsen

Aminaka Wilmont

Jasper Garvida

It wasn’t such a kickoff day of fashion week as I thought it would be, rather a slow start that felt more like as if it was the last day, people’s enthusiasm, energy and excitement simply wasn’t there as I’ve experienced in the past. Maybe cause the weather didn’t turn out as good as expected, perhaps the shows disappointed, who knows.

But I strongly believe it will all improve today despite the rain outside, it’s Saturday and the crowd missing yesterday has arrived from NY.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a photographer stand yesterday, so images are blurry and I struggled with the light, hopefully that will get sorted out as well.

I’m heading out again in a minute, have a lovely noon!

January 26, 2011


Source FashionGoneRogue

Everything that involves Tom Ford right now is super hot and by that I don’t only mean the man himself. These are shots for the February issue of Interview where Jac Jagaciak models some of Tom Ford’s pieces from his Spring 2011 womenswear collection, photographed by Craig McDean. Even if I feel pretty tired of animal prints right now I might feel like jumping into something again soon.