March 7, 2011

Heikki Salonen

Did you know that reindeer leather is beautifully soft and delicate and is used just in the same way as cow and lamb leather, well, I have to admit the thought never really crossed my mind before I saw the fall collection from the Finnish designer Heikki Salonen during London Fashion Week.
His collection featured some really nice leather pieces, among them a dress, pants and top and unisex boots and I like the idea that use of reindeer leather fulfill the criterias of ethical and sustainable fashion which I give high scores to, feels so modern in a way.

Unfortunately my camera was on streik that day so here’s all the images I’ve got but you can see the lookbook video below.

September 21, 2010

The Pyramora

The british and ethical designer Ada Zanditon presented her Spring/Summer Collection 2011 called ‘The Pyramora’ yesterday at  the Victoria House. A quite unknown designer to me so I really didn’t know what to expect but when I read through the idea and thoughts around this collection there was something that caught my interest, words like geometry, architecturally cut, pyramid structures and mathematical exploration, this was the right place for me, 2 interests of mine combined, fashion and mathematics, and yes, I do have a degree in math.

Summed up it was a beautiful show where all the references above suddenly made sense, Egyptian pyramids formation throughout the whole collection, the details on the dresses and hair and the models also moved in a triangular choreography. Images are taken by me with my little pocket camera, sadly the avant-garde dress in metallic brown that almost made me loose my breath came out blurry so not included above but hopefully I will have time during the day to snap it at Esthetica.

The collection will be shown at Rendes-Vous Femme in Paris, from 1st-4th October for those of you there.