November 15, 2011


Sunday was a day I hardly had either energy or any inspiration, I stared at my wardrobe, complained of not having any clothes and was met by disbelief in the eyes of my friend. Hehe, I guess I just had one of those days where my brain had shut down and should rather have been hiding in my bed sheets, it’s human right? I surrendered and grabbed for comfortable old favorites, this time jeans from Cheap Monday, a silk shirt by Erin Wasson, jacket and bag by Acne, boots Isabel Marant and sunnies Ralph Lauren.

August 31, 2011


Beautiful photo, beautiful girl, and items I’d love to include in my wardrobe, a red checked shirt and brown suede trousers, yes please! A little peak of what’s in Erin Wasson’s collection for Zadig &Voltaire that you will find in stores and on Netaporter very soon.

May 26, 2011

Erin Wasson for Zadig & Voltaire

A collaboration I’m gonna keep my eyes on is Erin Wasson for Zadig & Voltaire which is set to be introduced during Paris Couture Week in July. I really liked Erin’s line for RVCA and though her capsule line for Z&V is said to quite different I find these images and her description below very promising.

”Erin Meets Zadig was inspired by “life, classic cars, and Rod Stewart,” “The collection feels almost sensual. I wanted it to be about basic shapes with subtle texture.”

Stay tuned for some rock’n roll!

November 6, 2010

Fringe & Faux fur

Oh, I slept to long this morning but managed to catch some of the wonderful sunshine, had a brunch at the cosy bakery at Dover Street Market and a stop by the Acne store, no buys for me though, waiting for the right colors to hit the store. This eve will be spent at good friends house for dinner, I love those evenings!

Blouse Erin Wasson, jacket Topshop, jeans Cheap Monday, shoes Zara and bag Mulberry

Tarte at Dover Street Market

November 2, 2010

One hour late

Today I went to press day at Nine West, will post about it later. Jill was sweet enough to snap me before it got too dark, a bit blurry I know but we didn’t want to use flash. It’s a bit annoying that we have “lost” one hour of the light, I don’t think gaining 1 extra hour to sleep during the weekend once a year is good enough. I heard another suggestion today which I would put my vote on, we gain one hour every Sunday and loose one in the middle of the week, anyone?

Jeans Cheap Monday, silk blouse with frills Erin Wasson, coat Oasis, shoes Acne, bag Mulberry