August 27, 2010


I’m not very into long term flights or can I say flying at all and that’s not because it’s not comfortable, the reason? I’m actually a bit shaky and I’m terrified every time I step into a flight, no matter how much and regularly I’ve traveled in my life it never gets better. Now, when it’s out in the open, maybe there’s someone else out there having the same fears of flying or is it just me and the 2 other globetrotters I’ve met so far who actually admitted they were.

Taken at the airport in Barcelona this morning so I’m wearing comfy clothes for a 24 hours journey ahead, knitted top Next, old Levi’s, my new shoes from El Ganso, bag Longchamp and Ray Ban’s

August 25, 2010

Holiday shopping!

Even if I’m in a hot, sunny place and surrounded by tempting summer dresses and sandals I’ve moved on, into fall mood, spontaneous shopping on holidays rarely happens these days for me anyway, as I’ve got many lessons learned in the past, ending up with things that felt so right at that moment but before stepping through the door at home they felt so wrong. The only things that catch my interest now are things for fall and winter to come.

These pair of shoes in the softest mocca from El Ganso ended up in my bag today and I know they don’t look much at all on the photo but they are very light, so soft, doesn’t take much space, perfect to fit in a small handbag in order to save sore feet from a walk in heels. The rest of the their collection is not really me though, popped in by coincidence but if you like mods style, preppy cute dresses and blazers this is the place for you.