January 8, 2011


Puh, today has been a lazy day at home, after a quick stop outside we decided to make a brunch at home instead, sometimes it’s the best thing, charging batteries, reading and enjoying a good bottle of wine, so tomorrow will have to be a long day out in the daylight otherwise I’ll climb the walls.

Shirt Acne, pants Cos, jacket and shoes Topshop, watch Tagheuer, Ray Ban’s and rest of  jewellery Efva Attling and Bjørg

November 20, 2010


Jewellery Efva Attling

Silk top Cos

Jeans Topshop, boots Acne Track

Sorry for lousy posting today but I haven’t had a minute for free and my physical shape due to a late night out on Thursday with my fabulous friend Johanna didn’t exactly boost my energy level.

Ended the day with with my dear Julie, grocery shopping at Selfridges and decided (for once) to cook something at home, steak and smoked mozzarella on a bed of asparagus served with an excellent bottle of red, I know, didn’t require much cooking skills but it was more than enough for today. I’ll come back stronger, I promise, with the blogging I mean, no promises for the cooking, as for now, sleep…….

Thanks Julie for snapping, patient as always with my slightly disturbed camera.

October 31, 2010


Just got home after seeing The Social Network, an interesting movie about the creation of Facebook, based on such a simple idea that didn’t require the most sophisticated programming skills to put into life, I could bang my head into the wall asking why I didn’t come up with it myself and that goes for many of my “geek” friends, I guess we just have to invent something else…..

This week there are press days coming up, first stop tomorrow Armani so good night everyone!

Coat H&M, shirt Alexander McQueen, leather pants Topshop, bots Acne, bag Mulberry, jewellery Efva Attling

September 14, 2010

A warm welcome back

I found this old goodie of a bag from Franceso Biasa in my wardrobe, time to wear it again, the leather is so beautiful and even if it’s been worn a lot in the past it looks fantastic, it’s been lying there for years and right now I don’t understand why, there’s a story behind, it was the first bag I bought when I got my first job and graduated from school, I had saved for it a long time to celebrate my own mission completed and I will never forget that feeling when I bought it, my classmates at that time, all of them guys had heard about this bag I wanted so much for ages, I think they were happy on my behalf as well as their own when it was finally mine.

Had a quick run out on the town today to get some stuff that has been on my mind a long time. Interesting to observe that London is getting ready for Fashion Week that kicks off on Friday, H&M on Regent Street had made a catwalk with dummies to prepare for the big event in town and I noticed more stylish people in the streets. Met up with lovely Julie for a quick drink at Liberty and was completely surprised by the heavy rain when I headed home, thank god I brought an umbrella, without that both me and my goodies would have been even more soaked. I’ll show you what’s in there later when it has dried……

Knitted jumper from Topshop Boutique, leather shorts Topshop, boots Acne, bag Biasa, jewellery Efva Attling