October 12, 2010

Black Pearl

Image by Vogue France

As you may know Chanel has a huge impact on how we paint our nails every season, probably due to their very limited edition range that hits the market a few times a year and the hype around it is always insane, waiting lists, selling out as soon as they hit the counter for £16 and then can then be found on ebay from £60 and up. Even if you think they don’t influence what you wear they probably do cause their trend colors get copied by any high street brand out there. Do you remember 2009’s Jade color, Februar’s Particuliere, June’s Nouvelle Vague and the Khaki range a month ago.

Getty Images

Here’s a sneak peak, the new color will most likely be Black Pearl. When Chanel presented their Spring Collection 2011 all the models nails were painted in a black pearly color with hints of green, being seen on the Spring show is a pretty good indicator on what’s gonna be the next nail-mania. Personally I think it’s a bit dark for spring but I’m sure it’s gonna be a success as always, in fact I’m gonna look around for something similar and wear it now.

September 29, 2010


Sometimes the days you don’t plan to much turn out to be the best ones, like when you spontaneously decide to join friends for a drink and end up having a lovely evening together, like yesterday. Drinks at the Pearl Bar followed by a late dinner at an Italian, had a great eve with you guys, thanks!

Probably broke every rule in terms of photography here, strange sitting pose, there’s a tree growing out of my head and yes, it’s rainwater on the ground, anyway, I’m wearing dress Mango, belt vintage, wool scarf Cos, jacket Topshop, boots Acne, bag Biasa and Chanel Particuliere on my nails.