January 7, 2011


Calvin Klein’s popular lingerie Envy is on 50% sales in their stores in all sizes, forget about the malls, most of it is sold out.

Oki, I’m on the run out into the rain to meet my friend Johanna, have a lovely Friday noon, the best noon of the week right.

October 22, 2010

Calvin Klein Ads Pulled in

The Advertising Standards Bureau in Australia has decided that the new Calvin Klein Ads featuring Lara Stone on big billboards will be pulled in. There has been complaints that the image is demeaning to both women and men and that the scene is suggestive of violence and rape.

Personally I must agree and I haven’t been very fond of any of Calvin Klein’s recent ads. You can read the whole story here.

September 13, 2010

Envy in store

If you are a woman and don’t like your bra filled with paddings but rather prefer simple triangle shaped ones like I do, then you know they are hard to find. I feel like I’m under attack by paddings and gigantic support bra’s wherever I go looking for lingerie. Here’s some good news though, Calvin Klein has finally launched a new range called Envy. It’s simple and beautiful in lace with a few golden details, comes in 4 colors and are in store now, one of  the sets are already in my drawer.

September 5, 2010

Home sweet home

After spending 2 lovely days in Bangkok I’m now back in London. Good in a way even if I would need a couple of days to adjust to the fresh, raw air. A nice surprise when I opened my door was to find a pair of gorgeous pants wrapped in paper from Cos that my kindest friend Maggie ran off and got for me when I was in Barcelona (posted about The hunt! earlier), she had also put something very appreciated in my fridge, so I would say a very good welcoming home.

I’m kind of hungering to get back on a normal track again, strange how you feel you are missing out on things when you are away but the fact is that you probably are. Gotta a lot to catch up!

I popped in to a Mulberry store in Bangkok where they just got in deliveries of the Alexa bag in black and purple, I’ve never been very tempted but within 1 hour they were all sold out, quite hysterical I would say. Anyway I’ve had my eye on a classic Bayswater in printed leather for a long time though……. But for now these goodies ended up in my bag.

A pair of shorts from Calvin Klein, the material is quite thick and will be just perfect for fall and add some color to all the black & beige. My absolute favorite skin products from Philosophy, Amazing Grace, with a light and fresh scent, love it!