November 24, 2011

New in

It’s not often I buy make-up, like once a year, simply due to the fact I don’t use much. I’m a massive fan of Bare Minerals skin products but other stuff I get from Burberry and they last like forever, loving these products!
Sheer eye shadow No.21, lip definer No.02, lip glow No.05 (not sticky at all!)

September 15, 2010

Burberry in a box

As was seen on my photos yesterday I was holding a cute little Burberry bag in my arms. Burberry launched their first make-up range Burberry Beauty in July this year and after I’ve heard so much positive about it I decided to give it a go. What I can say is that it is fantastic, the color palette is perfect for this season, so natural, easy to apply and on top it comes in beautiful small Burberry boxes with even the Burberry pattern on the lipstick. I got the Sheer Eye Shadow Rosewood No.09, Light Glow Blush Peony Blush No.04 and the perfect dark lipstick Lip Cover Brick Red No.19.

For those who don’t like to wear heavy make-up and prefer a fresh look I can hardly recommend it. There’s also a video below where you can watch for yourself and get convinced. The range is available in Harrods exclusively, in store and online.