August 25, 2010


The reason why I only post outfits from the evening and therefore they are dark and blurry is that most of my daily outfits in Barcelona consist of the simple triple, bikini, top and Hawaianas, the only thing a girl needs down here except for a handbag and sunglasses off course…..

I’m wearing bikini and top with a tail Topshop, Havaianas, Ray Ban’s and tote that followed with Marie Claire, ok I gotta run, dinnertime!!!

August 17, 2010


I know it’s not the topic of this season but I’m going away again to the sun in a couple of days, this time to the far east. I’m feeling a bit spoiled with traveling this summer I have to admit.

A few times I really invested in beautiful bikinis believing it would have a longer lifetime than a cheap one, at least that was the excuse to myself and oh how wrong I was. They ended up in the same bad condition, totally loosing shape and fading color after being worn, just like less pricy alternatives, that might have to due to the fact that I’m not the one hanging by the pool zipping cocktails in heels and accessories cause I usually spend half my time in the water.

Now I never spend much on bikini’s, high street has so much to offer in that area and the good thing is that you can get several of them. I’m looking for a new one, not the best season for options though but I hope to find it. Since I’ve spent the summer this far in stripes, pastels and bright colors I’m so into the color scale of the fall, like the one from Topshop above. I do not dare to order it online so I’ve gotta hit the store right now…..