September 5, 2010


After going through my holiday photos I realize there’s a huge amount of food among them. This happen to be one of my greatest pleasures and even if I’m not gonna turn this into a food blog I can’t just keep them all for myself, the style crusader said it so well on one of my posts Fashionable tasty!…….. Food and fashion go hand in hand and I agree on that!

Steamed fish cakes with fried rice crackers

Beef noodle soup

Beef Larb

I have to admit I don’t spend much time cooking in the kitchen myself but gladly get it served by someone else, take away or in restaurants. My favorite cuisine is definitely fusion Asian, doesn’t only taste like heaven but also healthy and enjoyable for the eye.

Dishes above from Nara, a restaurant in Bangkok yesterday evening including my dearest Beef Larb.