August 31, 2010

Along the Mekong River

Finally the sun decided to join me at least for a day. After a dip in the pool at Lao Plaza Hotel I had a walk along the Mekong river back home to get ready for festivities for the night.

The Mekong is beautiful, maybe not by normal means, it’s muddy and not surrounded by only beauty but there’s something magical about it, passing through so many countries making existence and life possible, the light you get here during sunset is just that, magical.

I’m wearing top Acne, skirt from Barcelona, Havainas & Ray Ban’s

August 27, 2010


Yesterday’s last dip in the pool in Barcelona, had a fabulous time here! Heading for Bangkok today with last stop in Laos, should be there sometime tomorrow evening but at the moment I have an 6 hour transit at Heathrow, so should be able to post during the day.

Bikini Topshop, yes, the one I posted about earlier, Ray Bans’s

August 26, 2010

The woman with the hat

After scouting for days for fabulous, inspirational stylish people in the streets of Barcelona, avoiding touristic areas I still didn’t find any. I’m sure they were hiding around somewhere but our paths never crossed.

I had almost given it up and then I spotted this lady on my way home from the beach. It was the secure, slightly ignorant way she wore her hat and the way she was totally dressed in black paired with black espandrillos in the late sunny noon that caught my interest. I off course presumed she was a local or at least Spanish and asked her kindly if I could take a photo of her. Oh, how wrong I was, she is a Norwegian like me and her name is Runhild, how funny isn’t that? Maybe I should have guessed, she’s fair skinned, blond and blue eyed but these days you cannot tell any longer, I’ve met plenty of blonds like her before from the southern hemisphere. I don’t know much about her either other than she gave me her card and she smiled.

Speaking of hats I’ve been searching for mine for months now in London, even in Turkey and Barcelona but still haven’t found The One in leather. I think I’ll surrender and just stick to the one I already found, now in my wardrobe at home waiting to be worn, it’s from H&M above, for a good cause, Fashion Against AIDS.

August 25, 2010

Holiday shopping!

Even if I’m in a hot, sunny place and surrounded by tempting summer dresses and sandals I’ve moved on, into fall mood, spontaneous shopping on holidays rarely happens these days for me anyway, as I’ve got many lessons learned in the past, ending up with things that felt so right at that moment but before stepping through the door at home they felt so wrong. The only things that catch my interest now are things for fall and winter to come.

These pair of shoes in the softest mocca from El Ganso ended up in my bag today and I know they don’t look much at all on the photo but they are very light, so soft, doesn’t take much space, perfect to fit in a small handbag in order to save sore feet from a walk in heels. The rest of the their collection is not really me though, popped in by coincidence but if you like mods style, preppy cute dresses and blazers this is the place for you.

August 24, 2010


Another great dinner, this country knows what good food is about for sure, went back to my favorite place in Barcelona that I visited 2 years ago when I was here, so you can say I’m a regular if twice every 2 year counts, anyway I’m gonna make a post about this place soon.

Strange posing images but thats what I got, I’m wearing dress Acne, bag & belt COS, shoes Zara

August 23, 2010

The hunt!

On Friday in London I went to the COS store around my corner and I tried on a pair of beautiful classic, high waisted, beige pair of pants (think Chloe)  and since I was not fully convinced I put them carefully back on the hangar taking notice it was the only pair left in my size. Before I even landed in Barcelona I had regrets but I was hoping to find them over here. After heading straight to the COS store on Paseo De Gracia this morning I got a glimpse of hope when I spotted them followed by disappointment, the only one left in my size was already booked for another customer.

The story could have ended here, I could have given up and moved on in my mind, it’s just a pair of trousers after all, right? 

There was one option left, I made a phone call to London where they luckily had one left and my good friend Maggie is on her way to pick it up for me. Does this type of scenario sound familiar to anyone else, probably yes but there’s another group of people out there (normal people) which include most of my friends who are unfamiliar with situations like this. Probably rising one eyebrow and don’t get the dilemma hunting down a pair of pants across Europe when on holiday and thats perfectly fine, I do hope though that hearing about how far some of us are willing to act might put a smile on their faces……

Knitted jumper Next, shoes Zara, bag Chanel


Fashionable tasty!

Yesterday’s dinner was a blast!

Ok, this is not gonna turn into a food blog but I would love to share this address with you. Sagardi, a fabulous Tapas place in Barcelona and we were not disappointed. The tapas were heavenly cute and tasted as good as they look, all lined up on the bar for people to grab their favorites, the ribeye was also a huge hit, service and recommended wine as well. There might be a risk we will return to our table in the next couple of days.

Gotta run, a breakfast out in the sun is calling for me, have a lovely day everyone!

August 22, 2010

A room with a view!

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, I planned to do it last night but since I skipped my night sleep the day before I was caught up by the lack of it. An early flight brought me to Barcelona yesterday morning and it’s fantastic here.

Right now I’m enjoying a wonderful breakfast at our hotel OMM, a recommended hotel from Polka Dot and I’m so happy we followed her advice. It’s even better than she described it, the decoration, the view, the lounge music and the roof garden by the pool, so relaxing and beautiful and I’ve pretty much spent the time so far up there. Since Sunday is a pretty dead day in Spain I’ll wait for tomorrow to explore Barcelona more, but I’ll visit some of the Gaudi buildings later on today.

Taken on my balcony before leaving for dinner yesterday, velvet shorts Zara, top Acne, shoes Prada, bag Chanel.