September 5, 2010


After going through my holiday photos I realize there’s a huge amount of food among them. This happen to be one of my greatest pleasures and even if I’m not gonna turn this into a food blog I can’t just keep them all for myself, the style crusader said it so well on one of my posts Fashionable tasty!…….. Food and fashion go hand in hand and I agree on that!

Steamed fish cakes with fried rice crackers

Beef noodle soup

Beef Larb

I have to admit I don’t spend much time cooking in the kitchen myself but gladly get it served by someone else, take away or in restaurants. My favorite cuisine is definitely fusion Asian, doesn’t only taste like heaven but also healthy and enjoyable for the eye.

Dishes above from Nara, a restaurant in Bangkok yesterday evening including my dearest Beef Larb.

Home sweet home

After spending 2 lovely days in Bangkok I’m now back in London. Good in a way even if I would need a couple of days to adjust to the fresh, raw air. A nice surprise when I opened my door was to find a pair of gorgeous pants wrapped in paper from Cos that my kindest friend Maggie ran off and got for me when I was in Barcelona (posted about The hunt! earlier), she had also put something very appreciated in my fridge, so I would say a very good welcoming home.

I’m kind of hungering to get back on a normal track again, strange how you feel you are missing out on things when you are away but the fact is that you probably are. Gotta a lot to catch up!

I popped in to a Mulberry store in Bangkok where they just got in deliveries of the Alexa bag in black and purple, I’ve never been very tempted but within 1 hour they were all sold out, quite hysterical I would say. Anyway I’ve had my eye on a classic Bayswater in printed leather for a long time though……. But for now these goodies ended up in my bag.

A pair of shorts from Calvin Klein, the material is quite thick and will be just perfect for fall and add some color to all the black & beige. My absolute favorite skin products from Philosophy, Amazing Grace, with a light and fresh scent, love it!

One night in Bangkok

Yesterday’s shopping tour in Bangkok was hot, hot hot! As I’ve mentioned I was looking for something specific, the Moschino store in Gaysorn, I had the address in hand but when I got there on Friday evening after being stuck in traffic jam for 1.5 hour and strutting through the heaviest rainfall I ever experienced I was told they moved the store, typically!

I followed the leads I was given but they all ended up in nowhere so I called it a day and enjoyed everything else there was to do on my last day, shopping, food and the best company.

I’m waring jeans shorts H&M, belt Cos, cropped top from Bangkok, shoes Zara, bag Chanel, tote YSL and Ray Ban’s

September 3, 2010


I arrived to Bangkok today and had a look in a few stores, I was looking for something special I’ve had an eye on for a long time but today it all ended up in a blind chase, the hunt will continue tomorrow……

Yesterday’s outfit, simple, free and barefoot at Ho Phra Keo Pagoda Museum in Vientiane, dress from Zara

Bye bye Laos

Laos is over for this time, Bangkok next!

August 30, 2010


I’m alive, slightly jet lagged but I’m always happy to be alive every time I step out of a flight. Had a 5 hour transfer in Bangkok before heading for Laos and I did what I always do when I’m at that airport, pedicure and massage, a foot massage is so wonderful after many hours on a flight and in this area they know how to do. Laos is as welcoming as usual, the people are so sweet and the food for me is the best I can get.

The flip flop parade continues, it’s actually the only foot wear you can wear unless you don’t mind getting your Prada’s destroyed in 5 minutes, these photos taken yesterday day after breakfast at a french bakery just opened by friends.

Shorts Topshop, top Urban Outfitters, YSL Manifesto tote, Havaianas and Ray Ban’s

August 27, 2010


Yesterday’s last dip in the pool in Barcelona, had a fabulous time here! Heading for Bangkok today with last stop in Laos, should be there sometime tomorrow evening but at the moment I have an 6 hour transit at Heathrow, so should be able to post during the day.

Bikini Topshop, yes, the one I posted about earlier, Ray Bans’s