August 18, 2011


It feels like fall has arrived in London, leaves on the ground and a raw chill in the air, I want more of summery hot days, especially now when I have some more time in handy.
Earlier this week I did my last post for Flingly for now, where I’ve worked as fashion editor since December last year, maybe I’ll pop up there in the future again, but for now, I hope to be part of new exciting projects and want to keep all doors open.

Images taken yesterday with my mum, I wore shorts H&M, top and belt Acne, jacket Isabel Marant, shoes Cos, watch Tagheuer, bag Celine and Ray Ban’s.

August 16, 2011


Sorry, not much posting today but my mum is visiting from Norway so I’ve been out all day having fun with her. Not much time to say much more as I’m on the go again but thank you for feedback on yesterday’s 1-year-candle, it really warmed my heart. Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday eve!

My mum snapped me today and I wore shorts Topshop, top Cos, jacket Acne, shoes Zara, watch Michael Kors, bracelet Margiela and bag Celine.

July 3, 2011


I’ve had such a perfectly relaxed weekend and managed to catch up with lots of friends, it’s not always easy when everyone’s got a hectic daily schedule.

In tone with my chilly mood I dug out these velvet shorts from last summer from Zara, totally forgotten about them, so soft and comfy.
Images taken on Saturday noon, I wore shorts Zara, belt Cos, knit Helmut Lang, sandals Acne, bracelet proenza Schouler and bag Celine.

June 21, 2011


Today was the first dry day in London for ages and I headed over to Knightsbridge for a stroll and “fika” with my friend Sarah. Found this waistcoat in my wardrobe, bought it a couple of years ago and had totally forgotten about it, gosh I’m dreaming of a an organized wardrobe….

I wore shorts and sandals Acne, t-shirt Helmut Lang, bag Celine, sunnies Ralph Lauren, watch Tagheuer, bracelets Burma and Kenneth Jay Lane.

June 11, 2011


Complaining about the weather doesn’t help much I know but after a long period of time with heavy showers and low temperatures I’ll allow myself a little, May/June so far really has lived up to it’s name Brit summer. Spring started off so wonderfully but I do remember what a taxi driver told me back in March, or doomed would be more correctly, great springs in London are always followed by sad summers, at the time I totally ignored it but now, perhaps he was right, lets hope not!

Images taken yesterday, surprised by a heavy shower, I wore leather skirt Alexander Wang, jumper Isabel Marant, jacket Zara, shoes Cos, bag Celine, bracelets, Margiela and Burma, watch Tagheuer.

June 9, 2011


Today I met quickly up with my 2 year old favorite man and checked out dinosaurs at the NHM, he was as usual perfectly well dressed and with one of his many hats on his head, I’ll show you another time.
I wore knit Mango, pants Sandro, shoes Zara, watch Michael Kors and bag Celine.

June 8, 2011


Back in London after a speed trip to Paris, gosh, there are so many things I love with that city and by that I mean beyond the great shopping and wonderful food. The space and dimension is what always strike me, the width of the streets, monumental buildings and beauty. I’ll be back soon for sure!

Images taken on Monday, I wore a brand new linen jacket Zara, love it! Dress and scarf Isabel Marant, shoes Margiela, bag Celine, sunnies Ralph Lauren, watch Michael Kors and various gold bracelets.

June 3, 2011


Yesterday noon I met up with a friend in Marylebone being her personal shopper and she ended up buying lots of goodies on the sales. Though I’ve put a constraint on myself for now doesn’t mean I cannot be equally thrilled on behalf of others, it’s so much fun to open some one else’s eyes to what they can wear and helping building their wardrobes, could easily do that 24/7.
The summer is now finally back in London so gotta run out in the sun, have a wonderful Friday noon you too.

Images from yesterday, linen dress Mango, belt Isabel Marant, shoes Margiela, bracelet Intermix, sunnies Ralph Lauren, bag Celine.

May 30, 2011


I know, not original at all, but on days when I’ve got practically no idea what to wear, or I don’t bother thinking about it, I always end up putting on the same, brit stripes, jeans and leather jacket, and that’s just what I wore yesterday.

Cropped jeans and sandals Acne, boyfriend’s jumper Cos, jacket Vibe Johanson, bag Celine and sunnies Ralph Lauren.

May 27, 2011

Breaking patterns

Today I met up with my sweetie Johanna for a dumpling brunch in China town, we decided it was time for a change from our regular Le Pain Quotidien.

I’m not wearing so many bright colors this spring as I though I would, always fall back on what I feel most comfortable in anyway but lately I’ve been wearing a splash of colors on my hands and wrist instead.

Shorts Topshop, knit H&M, blazer and sandals Acne, bag Celine, watch Tagheuer, bracelets Intermix and Chanel Mimosa nails.

May 26, 2011


So I decided to put the scissors in a pair of old favorite jeans from Acne that I haven’t used for ages, they have achieved that perfect washed-out-worn-look that I like in black jeans, well, just hope I won’t regret.

Have a lovely Monday noon!

Images taken yesterday, cropped jeans Acne, jumper and shoes Isabel Marant, bag Celine, sunnies Ralph Lauren, bracelets Intermix, Chanel Mimosa nails

May 24, 2011

Ash cloud

After a few lovely days with family and friends I’m back in London, luckily the ash cloud haven’t managed to turn the world upside down yet but to be honest I wouldn’t have mind being stranded in Oslo for a couple of more days though the weather wasn’t that great.
I visited several stores this weekend and was thrilled to come across this blazer and belonging shorts from Acne that I wanted to get for ages but both have been sold out in my size like everywhere.

Images taken on rainy Sunday, jeans H&M, t-shirt Jil Sander, blazer Acne, bag Celine, shoes Prada

May 13, 2011


Met up with my dear friend Johanna the other day and strolled around in Mayfair. Though the weather wasn’t that warm on the day I refused to put on full length trousers and coat. Once off I’ll try to keep them off until September but taking in consideration what part of the planet I live on I might need to eat my own words.

Jeans Isabel Marant, knit Ralph Lauren, sandals Michael Kors, bracelet Hermes and bag Celine

May 8, 2011

Jet Lag

Back in London and feeling pretty jet lag but who cares when I was met by such wonderful weather.

As you may see I ended up with the sandals I posted about earlier from Michael Kors, one of my buyings in Miami, when I spotted them I just had to try them on and thats a dangerous game. Initially I wanted them in chocolate brown but they are close to impossible to find so I ended up with black, which I don’t regret at all, I think we’re gonna become very good friends this summer.

Jeans H&M, top Helmut Lang, sandals Michael Kors, bracelet Intermix in Miami, bag Celine, sunnies Ralph Lauren Collection.

April 19, 2011

Made for walking

Today I met up with my friend Estelle, had a stroll, late lunch in the sun and checked out bikini’s and sandals in stores.

I finally got to wear these candies that have been waiting patiently in my closet for a couple of months and except that I love the look of them they are super comfy as well.

Pants Mango, top H&M, bracelet Jade Jagger, bag Celine, shoes Isabel Marant and Ray Ban’s