July 17, 2015


Hedvig Opshaug 05.07.2015-1

Hedvig Opshaug 05.07.2015-2

Hoping you all had a glorious sartorial summer so far, not too tight, formal or dark, but rather light, loose and relaxed. Personally I’ve always seen myself a basics kind of girl, and especially with all juggling this year it has proven to be true. More often than ever before I’ve reached out for chilled classics rather than making a statement, and it somehow all makes sense when time is squeezed, knowing your “style” simplify things, forget about ticking all boxes, at the end of the day most of us live real lives…

One of my best new summer tip, except booking yourself on a dreamy happy getaway, are MiH’s new Linda jeans inspired by Linda McCartney. Seriously the best chilled, high waisted jeans I’ve ever come across, mind you good old Levis’ 501, but if you girls have been searching high and low too, these are the ones!

Jeans by MiH (also here), shirt by Ganni, sandals by &OtherStories, bag by Chloe (other colours here and here), sunglasses by Acne, watch by Isabel Marant, earring by Melissa Joy Manning, diamond necklace by Marlene Juhl Jørgensen.

Hedvig Opshaug 05.07.2015-3

It’s been long, way too long since last updates, but without saying more it will change soon. Please don’t believe for a second there’s lost motivation behind, but rather a careful thoughtful step back on how to keep things growing forward, while balancing the essence from the beginning, a challenge in most areas we all know. I’m also looking for a PA, could that be you? Please inbox me on “the-northernlight@hotmail.com”. xx

Comments (12)

  1. July 17, 2015
    Accidental Icon said...

    Those jeans look terrific and comfortable. I have been challenging myself to dress in a lighter and more relaxed way. You look comfortable and chic.

    Accidental Icon

  2. July 17, 2015
    Natali said...

    You did an amazing job styling this outfit! I like your shirt and sunnies very much. 🙂


  3. July 17, 2015
    natalie said...

    dayum definitely need to look into getting these jeans for summer
    gorgeous look

  4. July 17, 2015
    carol said...

    totally fresh style for summer !


  5. July 17, 2015
    claudia said...

    Love the jeans and blue shirt combo, so chic and timeless!

  6. July 17, 2015
    jenaly said...

    love this outfit


  7. July 17, 2015
    Kamila said...

    Amazing outfit, so summery 🙂

  8. July 17, 2015
    Cristina Monti said...

    Very stylish! Love the sunnies.

  9. July 17, 2015
    Mun said...

    Casual but absolutely stylish.. Liking the relaxed silhouette 😉

  10. July 20, 2015
    Petra said...

    Are they true to size? Never bought a pair of MiH before but considering it now.

  11. July 20, 2015
    northernlight said...

    Hi Petra, yes they are pretty true to size, I got mine in same size as with Acne and Frame for instance.
    Can’t recommend these enough, will get them in different washes myself. Good luck!

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