February 11, 2014

Above water

Hedvig Opshaug 04.02.2014-1

Hedvig Opshaug 04.02.2014-2

Between the very heavy showers in London right now there are glimpses of bright sunshine, we’re not all flooded though it might seem so on the news, bless them poor souls!

My lighter, minimal winter dressing continues, and right now I’m obsessing with lighter shades. Whites that seemed to be put on hold for quite a while for practical reasons now somehow seem to last through my daily life, well, I guess until the next big shower appears again.

Knit by & other stories (similar style here), J.Crew jeans, shoes by Tod’s, coat by Ganni and bag by Chanel.

Hedvig Opshaug 04.02.2014-3

Comments (40)

  1. February 11, 2014
    The slow pace said...

    Love love love the white + grey combo!

  2. February 11, 2014
    Jessica Rose said...

    Ha! I live in London too and the glimpses of sun is a bit far and few between for my liking….Spring is around the corner though…so fingers crossed! Great grey jumper.


  3. February 11, 2014
    stephanie said...

    Love the grey & white color combo!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  4. February 11, 2014
    Kajsa said...

    Fab that grey and white outfit 🙂


  5. February 11, 2014
    STYLONYM said...

    Beautiful outfit, what a gorgeous coat!

    X STYLONYM http://www.stylonym.blogspot.com

  6. February 11, 2014
    Melissa said...

    love this! x

  7. February 11, 2014
    Mariska said...

    GREAT!! Such a perfect and simple outfit with the most beautiful tiny Chanel bag!


  8. February 11, 2014
    Nina said...

    such a great look Hedvig xx

  9. February 11, 2014
    Nina said...

    What’s the sizing of those J.Crew jeans like??

  10. February 11, 2014
  11. February 11, 2014
    Denisa said...

    Very nice outfit.

  12. February 11, 2014
    Q said...

    love these colors on you!


  13. February 11, 2014
    monkeyshines said...

    fantastic simple ensemble!


  14. February 11, 2014
    northernlight said...

    I find them quite true to size, and got them in same size as my JBrand, Frame’s and MiH’s.xx

  15. February 11, 2014
    less is more said...

    love this combination! and oh, the shoes…

  16. February 11, 2014

    WOW, gorgeous look as always, babe <3
    I absolutely love that coat and the knit!



    Personal Style Blog http://WWW.REDREIDINGHOOD.COM

  17. February 11, 2014
    Lucy said...

    I love this!! you have such great style xx


  18. February 11, 2014
    ReNika said...

    Love the whole outfit but the coat especially as I am looking for something similar 🙂

  19. February 11, 2014
    YZ Chan said...

    Great outfit, love the mixture of grey and white! x


  20. February 11, 2014
    patricia said...

    The white jeans with the grey coat is amazing!
    Love the look! Always perfect!

  21. February 11, 2014

    The coat, the knit and the white pants is just such an amazing combination!



  22. February 12, 2014
    jas said...

    the ganni coats are absolutely amazing this season

    reckless abandon

  23. February 12, 2014
    natalie said...

    so gorgeous!
    love the light grey

  24. February 12, 2014
    claudia said...

    Love the white and grey outfit with black accents!

  25. February 12, 2014
    Diva In Me said...

    Totally love your grey layerings. I even pinned it on my Pinterest =)

  26. February 12, 2014
    Nora said...

    Love this look, chic, but still practical!
    The patent shoes just make this outfit!

  27. February 12, 2014
    MARJOLEIN said...

    The knit and coat go wonderful together and I’m still a big fan of your small Chanel, such a pretty one!


  28. February 12, 2014
    Mel said...

    I love your light dressing, especially the grey coat is amazing!

  29. February 13, 2014
    Filipa Moreira said...

    Love the colour combination. But what I like most is the balance between the skinny white jeans, the oversize coat and the man like shoes.
    Simple fantastic

    XX Fi

  30. February 13, 2014
    Milka said...

    in love with shoes and coat!


  31. February 13, 2014
    Milka said...

    shoes are great, coat amazing!


  32. February 13, 2014
    SHEWOLF said...

    love this look.


  33. February 14, 2014
    Rüga said...

    Simple and clean, love your outfits and you look so comfortable…


  34. February 14, 2014
    Viktoria said...

    perfect look!


  35. February 15, 2014

    Great look – I love the clean lines and minimalist style, tres chic! <3

  36. February 16, 2014

    The perfect combination – I love the chunky oversized knits with menswear inspired flats – Tres chic! <3

  37. February 18, 2014
    Mun said...

    Love those white pants, but I guess the million dollar question is how to keep the white pants white the entire day because I almost always had little disastrous moments whenever I wore this colour


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