February 1, 2014

H&M Design Award

Eddy Anemian-Photo by Hedvig Opshaug

After being on the road the whole week for shows in Stockholm and Copenhagen, I’m finally back in a much warmer London with lots of impressions in my luggage(s), so please forgive me for the lack of updates on this space, but it will now turn for sure.

Amongst the shows I attended in (freezing cold!) Stockholm was the H&M global Design Award where the crowned winner turned out to be Eddy Anemian. The French designer who studies at La Cambre in Brussels, presented his 4’th year collection, inspired by Tilda Swinton in the movie I Am Love (Love!) and the French painter Ingres. Except from receiving a cash prize of 50,000 euros, H&M will develop pieces from the collection to be sold at selected H&M stores this fall.

Comments (11)

  1. February 1, 2014
    Thankfifi said...

    Well deserved I would say – the skirt/pants look incredible. Hope you are warming up in London.x


  2. February 1, 2014
    Q said...

    beautiful skirt…. the high thick waistband sold it for me….


  3. February 2, 2014
    Nadia said...

    Älskade den visningen!

  4. February 2, 2014


  5. February 2, 2014
    Rougeuse said...

    That coat is awesome! x


  6. February 2, 2014
    natalie said...

    that skirt is amazing!
    hope you had a great time attending shows 😀

  7. February 2, 2014
  8. February 2, 2014
    Angela said...

    beautiful look thanks for sharing..


  9. February 2, 2014
  10. February 2, 2014
    Denisa said...

    That skirt is soooo nice.


  11. February 2, 2014
    Kajsa said...

    Skjørtet er veldig fint, og bra stylet sammen med den svarte toppen. Det klarer seg fint på egenhånd 🙂


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