September 1, 2010

Back into my boots

Ok, I know I probably will have to eat my own words within a week and I know I’ll regret that I’ve ever said this but I’m actually tired of wearing foot wear like Havaianas and sandals right now. The summer has been so wonderful and I’m still enjoying warm weather on the other part of the globe but I do kind of miss my heels back home, does that sound very awkward? Maybe I’m just simply ready to get back into my boots.

I’m not sure about Investing in new boots for fall for now but ever since I saw these chunky beauties from Acne (a slightly Daisy Duck feeling that also put me off a bit ) a few days after the opening of the Acne store in London I haven’t been able to forget them. I refused to try them on when the kind sales guy asked me if I wanted to, you can call that a rational or irrational reaction to not end up with an impulsive buying. Since I’m still hesitating if I really like them and don’t even know if they feel right on my feet or not I would need to find that out as soon as I’m back. 

As for now I’m gonna feel blessed and lucky under the sun and keep the flip flops on a few more days…..

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  1. September 16, 2010

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